Cannabis Industry Trends And Business Plans

Cannabis Industry Trends And Business Plans
Cannabis Industry Trends And Business Plans
The cannabis industry is increasingly becoming the new big
thing in town. Last year alone, U.S. consumers spent more than $10 billion, and
predictions show that this will increase to $23 million in the next three
years. In 2018, investment
in the industry grew to $13.8 billion
, and this shows that it is a very
lucrative business. As more states continue to legalize weed, the prospects
will continue to grow. When you know the top trends in the industry, you will
want to look at our business plan ideas to start investing in this business

Here Are The Top Trends In The Cannabis

1. Higher Sales

With the current growth in the industry, there is a clear
indication that 2019 sales will be higher than those made in 2018.
Entrepreneurs, consumers, and investors are expecting legal weed to blossom in
the market for the coming years. With the national and global expansion of the
legal marijuana market, the market will reach $31 million by 2021. As per a report
published by the Brightfield Group, the market for CBD alone should reach $22
million by 2022 as CBD helps in curing various physical problems and CBD oil
benefits have a never-ending loop. Currently, a typical weed consumer
is a middle-aged person, and women have begun consuming weed in its different
forms. Therefore, the market demographics are also growing, and there will be
increasing demand for different weed products.

2. Legalization

Many countries have legalized marijuana, and this year, the
trend is set to continue. For example, in the United States of America,
Democrats will control the House of Representatives. This is a good thing
because, for a long time, Democrats have embarked on a campaign for the
legalization of marijuana. Therefore, we should be expecting dozens of talks
and end to marijuana prohibition and the U.S. federal level. Some of the
democrats have even laid out a guideline for legalizing weed in 2019.

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3. Growth Of CBD Market

In 2018, the growth of CBD products including gummies,
vapes, and tinctures increased. The same trend will continue this year due to
the rapid expansion of the CBD market. CBD is among the most notable and loved
cannabis products.  Due to this growth,
the CBD market alone could overlap the general marijuana market by 2022. The Farm Bill that
legalized hemp farming has increased the popularity of CBD worldwide. Most
people will start distributing CBD infused products that have medical benefits
especially the strains like mk ultra-strain that are proven to be helpful in
many health conditions.

4. Product Branding And Variety

There is no disputing that the cannabis industry is growing
to meet all customer needs. As such, there is a variety of products from
CBD-infused foods to different types of Diamond
vape pens, juices, and tinctures, among others. Moreover,
products come with different prices and potency levels. The increasing demand
for luxury products has also led to the inclusion of CBD lotions and creams. In
fact, branding cannabis products is one of the most demanded jobs now. People
want to choose from different taste and flavor, and this has led to a rise of
many cannabis varieties. Once legal, you will be able to purchase up to 30
grams of Ontario cannabis and Ontario weed online for recreational use.

Business Plan For Cannabis

After reading the above trends, you have realized that the
cannabis industry is very lucrative. Perhaps you are wondering how you can
venture into this business. Well, here are the essential things to include in
your business plan.

The Business Model

If you want to invest in this industry, you can be a
producer, processor, or retailer. A producer is a person who grows the plants
and supplies them to a company. Processors comprise of intermediaries that take
the plants from producers and convert them into medical or recreational
products. Retailers own dispensaries and outlets and sell the finished products
to consumers.

Target Market

If you want to invest today, you should understand that you
cannot target everyone. Focus on people willing to pay your set prices for the
product, and customers are within your reach. In the first years of business,
you can just focus on the local customers around your neighborhood and
gradually expand as the business grows. Some online sources recommend that you
should use demographic information and social media to learn who your target
customer is. Once you have achieved this, you can direct your sales and marketing
plans to that customer.

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Cannabis is a booming business, and many people want to
venture in it. Before starting up, make a list of your competitors and analyze
what makes them competitive. Next, try to structure your products in a way that
will make them stand out from that of competitors. Understand the different
branding strategies to attract huge profits in this business. It is also vital
to imitate some structuring strategies of competitors to penetrate the market.
Do not set prices that are too high or too low compared to those of

Sales And Marketing Plan

Cannabis Industry Trends And Business Plans
Cannabis Industry Trends And Business Plans
After identifying your customer base and product variety,
structure your sales and marketing plan. Establish how you will position
yourself in the market; is it, as a supplier with a variety of products or you
will follow the low-cost strategy? Identify ways to promote your product both
online and traditionally. You can create a website for your company and take
advantage of digital
marketing strategies.
On the same note, identify strategic alliances such
as pharmacists or retailers that will help to push your stock.


Marijuana is a lucrative venture that is set to grow in the
coming years. Many people ask where to buy cannabis seeds? With increased
legalization and consumer’s reference for CBD-infused foods the cannabis market
will grow and attract huge profits in the future. You can get the products and
even seeds online from reputed dispensaries. Currently, manufacturers are
focusing on digital strategies, and you can mail order marijuana at the comfort
of your home. The industry is evolving and growing in ways that you cannot


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