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How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker

How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
Rolling walkers or rollators are easy to manage walkers with seats that act as a walking support. It is best for people who need assistance on both sides of their body but has complete functionality in their hands to move it forward while walking. There are various options for you to choose from. They come with multiple features for different purposes. Therefore, it can be a little challenging to select the right rollator. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best rolling walker.


How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
The main focus of rollators is the way they are built for enhanced mobility. As compared to the traditional walkers, they consist of four wheels, which are a considerable upgrade. The wheels of rollators vary in size, and the material used in making them also varies. Here are the things that you must consider when looking at the wheels.
  • Wheel Size: The 2-button regular walkers have the largest wheel size of 5". For better mobility, you must consider a minimum of 6" wheels in a rollator. It is easier to cross troublesome terrain with larger wheels. If you plan on spending more time outdoors, then consider a larger wheel. Heavy-duty models come with 10-12" caster wheels, which are suitable for 'offroading' purposes.
  • Wheel Material: Roallator wheels are mostly made of plastic material and last long. If you are using it on wooden floors or floors that are smooth, then you must consider an upgrade. Composite/rubber wheels are excellent choices for smooth floors as they will give you a good grip.

2. Padded Seat And Backrest

Rollators are very different from traditional walkers. One of the most significant differences is their seats. The rollators give you increased movement as compared to the traditional ones, which were not appropriate for long walks. For increased mobility, the seats have to be comfortable. The seats of the rollators come in all shapes, padding styles, and sizes. Find a seat in which you are comfortable in case of some difficult situation.
  • Seat Width: A standard weight potential of a rolling walker is 300lbs. The wider the seats, the more the capacity. You must try them in person to see how it feels.
  • Seat Padding: Some seats come with a plastic seat with a backrest cover of thin rubber whereas others come with proper rubber seat with foam padding for the backrest. Others also have contoured backrests and canvas seats.

Seat Height: The user of the rollator can be of any shape and size. The usual set height for most rollators varies between 5'2"-6'2". You can also adjust the height of the rollator based on your height.

3. Hand Brakes

How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
The second most important feature of any rolling walker is their hand brakes. Using the hand brakes, the user can control the speed of the walker, especially on-ramps. More than the brakes, the locking system is a critical function that you must consider. The locking system will ensure that the user doesn't fall while trying to sit down. Without a locking system, the chances are that the rollators will roll away while trying to sit. The below mentioned are a few essential features to look into while evaluating the hand brakes.
  • Brake Handle Style: Depending on the manufacturers, the look and feel of the brake handle might vary. The most common style of handle is bar one. For people with limited ability, the loop handle and semi-closed handles help keep their hands on the brake handle.
  • Brake Cable: Brake cable often goes unnoticed. The most common ones are the external brake cables placed on the outside of the walker and are easy maintenance. External cables can be a hindrance while going through tight spaces like small doorways as cables can entangle on objects. You can try a rollator with internal brake cables.

Brake Locking: Remember to check the locking mechanism when you like a rolling walker. It should be easy to use and have a stronghold on the wheels. The brake systems can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

4. Storage

How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
How To Choose The Best Rolling Walker
You require a rollator mostly when you leave your house. For the comfort of carrying things while on the rollator, it comes with storage. There are two types of storage options: bags and baskets.
  • Bags: You will find the bag located under the seat or hanging at the front on a rollator. It is made of vinyl or canvas material and is very sturdy.
  • Baskets:  The placement of the basket is at the same locations as bags with some differences. Baskets are made using metal wires that can hold heavy objects. The porous nature of baskets makes them great for holding viscous liquids.
  • Alternatives: You do have the option of placing an extra bag or basket based on your rollator model. Some models have an option of placing a cup holder.

5. Folding

When you are not using these rollators, you can fold them up and keep them in tight spaces. Folding mobility scooter allows you to travel with it to any place. You can fold them in different ways, which enables you to choose based on your physical and domestic issues.
  • Under-The-Seat: Most of the rollators fold up just by pulling up a support bar or a handle present under the seat. Mostly a sewed handle to the bag makes it easy to grab and fold. Or else, you can pull the support bar below the seat.
  • Side-To-Side: A latch or a button controls a side-to-side fold. You can press the button to push the handles together and fold the walker. The benefit of this fold is that you can still push the rollator while in a folded position. The only disadvantage is the limited seat option.
  • Fold Locks: You can lock your walker using a fold lock feature when in a folded position. It stops it from opening up during storage or traveling.


The above are a few tips to choose your rolling walker smartly. Now that you have got a good knowledge of the roller walkers, you must go out and check out a few to understand how it feels. A roller walker is a significant addition to your life to make your life simpler.

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