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Fix AOL Mail Account Login Problems By AOL Help Center

How to Login into AOL Mail Account

How to Login into AOL Mail Account
How to Login into AOL Mail Account
AOL email is a webmail service which is available in 54 languages. It can be recalled as the largest email service provider in the world. Initially, it offers the users email services as the webmail but recently launched the AOL Desktop Gold software which is all in one desktop-based application.

Before becoming famous AOL it was known as Net mail. The users could initiate the process of using AOL email through login in a web browser or on the AOL desktop gold application.

If you are searching for the details about the AOL email service and want to know the login process of AOL email, you reached the apt place. Here in this blog, we will describe the complete steps for the AOL login.

Before becoming the part of AOL family, you need to know few things about AOL. If you don’t use the AOL email account from constant 90 days it will automatically be turned off or inactivate the account. Hence, you need to log in regularly to be active in this service. Moreover, if the duration extended more than 180 days the AOL will suspend the account permanently.

Login Into AOL Mail

AOL mail service is also denoted as the AIM mail service. For accessing AOL mail, there are multiple methods are available. It is either by logging via the desktop software or via a web browser.

Login Via Browser

  • Open your default browser, go to and tap on Login/Join button at the top right of the screen.
  • Now enter your username which you got after completing the Signup process if you don’t have an account on AOL create it by filling up the form
  • Moreover, entering your email id instead of username give access to your AOL account.
  • Now tap on next and enter your password and access the AOL account.

Login On Desktop Gold Software

AOL gold is a desktop gold application which you need to download into your device from the AOL website. Once the application is downloaded install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Now open the application and log in using the AOL email username/email address and password.

AOL Login Problems

Problems in the AOL account generally occur by the users, there might be several reasons which triggered the problems in the AOL account. Some of them are given below:
  • Inept to log in or Forgot password.
  • Blocking of an email address in AOL.
  • Trouble signing into the AOL account.
  • Blank screen while signing in to AOL Mail.
  • AOL Mail sign in screen is absent.

These are the common ones and can be easily resolved by performing the simple recovery steps available on the AOL help center.

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