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How To Earn $50,000+ Per Year By Becoming A Video-Game Tester

Does video game testing intrigue you? Or you just like it but think that it’s a difficult job.

Whatever may be the case, the job of a video game tester is very lucrative and easy as well.

How To Earn $50,000+ Per Year By Becoming A Video-Game Tester
How To Earn $50,000+ Per Year By Becoming A Video-Game Tester
No, we are not talking about interviewing for a full-time profile. This article is about freelancing as a video game tester. And by freelancing, you can indeed earn the figure mentioned in this blog’s title. If you’re looking for a video gaming job, then read till the end.

In this article, you’ll understand:
  • How video game testers earn money
  • How to get started as a video game tester
  • How to advance your career?
  • How to explore other roles in the gaming industry

So let’s get started!

How Video Game Testers Earn Money

The logic is quite simple. You play a game or a part of it repeatedly till you can identify a problem. If there’s no problem, you should be confident that the game is bug-free.

Some of your key job responsibilities are as follows:
  • Play new and unreleased games.
  • Take online surveys. You can make from $5 to $75 from each of them.
  • Participate in focus groups and charge around $150 an hour.
  • Try new Games, Controllers, Gaming Consoles, or other products. Sometimes, you get to keep the free products!
  • Preview new movies or game trailers for $4 - $25 an hour.
  • Review new games for up to $30 an hour.

These things look easy to read but can be frustrating when you do them for real. Consistency is key. You cannot get bored and give up.

How To Get Started As A Video Game Tester

There is a struggle in the initial phases whenever we think of something big. The same will happen with video game testing. But you need to be determined and work hard to dream big and achieve what you want.

Start by approaching smaller game companies and provide them with a free review of their games. You can even start a blog that discusses the latest video games launched in the market. If you don’t want to invest in a blog, submit your original reviews to Banjig, a trusted site in this niche. Build your authority as a reviewer first and then become a tester.

Trust me, the big companies are always on the lookout for talented and skilled video game testers. Sooner or later, you will come into the spotlight and the big shots will approach you with a freelancing opportunity.

A word of caution: Many gaming jobs posted in online forums are fake. One good way to identify this is to read gaming jobs online reviews before taking up any assignment.

How To Advance Your Career?

Once you bag freelancing opportunities with a decent game developer, your career has taken off. Once you experience stability in your current assignments, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and aim bigger.

Create a portfolio of your best work and start approaching the big companies. This path will not be an easy one but as I said earlier, never give up. Get in touch with the companies’ HR team and show them your work. This will get you set up for an interview.

In addition, you can create a team of like-minded video game testers and review popular games such as GTA, Call of Duty, and others as a team. This will boost your popularity tremendously. Also, make the best use of social media tools in this process.

How To Explore Other Roles In The Gaming Industry

Yes, you can explore other high-paying roles in the gaming industry. Game testing is one of the few roles in the entire tech industry where you can get the benefit of knowledge over years of experience. That being said, don’t expect to become a game designer just because you’ve been working as a game tester for some time.

Continue learning new things while focusing on skills and technologies relevant to the specific area. Work on side projects with friends that will allow you to continue learning new things. Keep your knowledge current at all times.

Summing It Up

You will need these three things throughout your career in the gaming industry:
  • Troubleshooting and investigation skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Observation and orientation

If you have a real passion for gaming, you’ll definitely put in the work required and succeed in life. Good luck!

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