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The Ultimate Guide On Boosting Your Learning Habits

The Ultimate Guide On Boosting Your Learning Habits
The Ultimate Guide On Boosting Your Learning Habits
Did you ever know one of those people who it seemed could just hold a book and ace a test on it? It seemed like there was one in every class. It didn’t seem fair that a test that was a hard earned C for me was an easy A for them. Over time I learned that those students were not gifted with superior intelligence or a superior memory. In most cases, those students had been taught a better way to study.

It is a proven fact that students learn in different ways. Successful students learn their unique way of obtaining information and focus their energies on those habits. There are actual, learnable, skills that you can use to boost your learning abilities.

Priority One

Learning is a natural part of every human being. We are born with the natural urge to learn. Our bodies are geared toward helping us reach our potential. Yet, we abuse it and render it weak. Your first priority to learning is to heal your body and allow each part of it to function as designed.

This means eating the right foods. It means getting the right amount of exercise, sleep, water, sunlight, and socialization. Look at it this way. Let’s say you build cars. You can build a car that has the finest parts, perfectly assembled, with the most advanced technology known to man. You can have the finest painters in the world paint the car to perfection. You can haul the car to the race track, put the best driver in the world behind the wheel and crank the engine. But, if you filled that beautiful car with sludge, low grade gasoline, and oil, the cr will not perform. It will look like it is performing, but it will sputter around the track at a slow pace while the sludge circulates to all the parts, clogging them and slowing the car down until it ultimately dies.

This is the same concept. In order for our heart to beat strongly, our lungs to provide oxygen and our brains to be sharp and focused, we must give our bodies the right fuel.

Priority 2

Be mentally prepared to learn.

So many students say things like, “Math is not my strong point.” or “I just can’t learn science.” That is nonsense. You can learn anything you choose to learn. You simply must find the way your brain absorbs the information or to block all the stress factors such as choosing a student financial scheme right in the middle of your study session.

Maybe you need visual guides. Maybe you are better at memorizing facts. Whatever it is, find it and do it. Stop self-defeating habits and be a continual learner. Gain knowledge from all sources, and you will quickly see the universe open for you.

The Ultimate Guide On Boosting Your Learning Habits
The Ultimate Guide On Boosting Your Learning Habits

Making It A Habit

Most of us have habits that we are not even aware of. It takes about a month of repeating the same behavior, at the same time, for the same reason to make it a habit. You can read more on this here.


  • It will take some time, and effort to find your method of learning. It is worth the effort.
  • Set up a place to study that fits your needs.
  • If you need a very quiet place, consider options like the library
  • If you function better in a busy place, hit the coffee shop
  • Plan to study
  • Carve out time in your schedule specifically for study. Again, this is a trial and error situation. Some people function better with a large chunk of time on a weekly basis. Other people need smaller periods of time on a daily basis. Do not get frustrated. Keep tweaking the plan until it fits.
Just because you have not had good learning habits until now, doesn’t mean you cannot improve them. Whether you are in high school or going for your master’s degree, there are always new things to learn. The fun part is finding the path to them. That is what you are doing. You are searching for your path.

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