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Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try

Do you feel the urge to partake in sports but are let down by your mobility disability? If yes, then wheelchair sports are the answer to your worries. Nowadays, a wide range of popular standard sports has adapted to meet the requirements of mobility patients. Wheelchair sports have some adjustments in their rules and regulations to accommodate the abilities of mobility patients. Following is a list of top 6 wheelchair sports that mobility patients must try.

1. Tennis

Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Tennis is one of the most popular wheelchair sports. You can play it at an amateur level, as a hang-out sport with friends, or you can play it at an expert level, participating in competitive tournaments. Tennis can be an inclusive sport as you can also play the game with non-disabled friends. The sport requires some practice before actually playing it in a wheelchair. The first thing is to learn how to coordinate the movements of your chair with one hand and to hold the racquet with the other hand. If you have the limited arm strength, you can take the help of athletic tape to secure the racket to your forearm if required. A slight adjustment in the main rules of tennis for wheelchair players is that the ball can bounce twice if needed. Once you get familiar with the wheelchair swiveling, you will be more adept at hitting those balls that your non-disabled friends miss.

2. Basketball

Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Often referred to as "popping wheelies," wheelchair players of basketball are getting popular these days. The gushing adrenaline game of basketball allows mobility patients to glide around on the polished wooden floors and go for the 3-point shot amidst the crowd cheers. The minor adaptation to the standard basketball game allows the wheelchair players to hold the ball for a little bit longer i.e., till two rotation of the wheel. The players use special wheelchairs with cambered wheels for faster mobility, better stability, and quicker rotations.

3. Wheelchair Racing

Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Also known as "chairing" wheelchair racing is getting popular these days. Wheelchair racing is not just a simple race to the finish line, but it also involves obstacles such as stunting, ramps, and rail riding. You can also participate in marathons on wheelchairs. You will meet people from different backgrounds, such as veterans and people with disabilities. Some marathons need specialized training like arm strengthening and rolling up the hill. Being an outdoor sport, you can practice this sport by driving yourself to the racing zone with your wheelchair. The easiest way to travel outdoors is to buy a wheelchair lift that allows you to lift and load your wheelchair quickly on your vehicle.

4. Wheelchair Soccer

Wheelchair Soccer or European Football is a mobility patient-friendly adaptation of the game of Soccer. You can play it indoors in a basketball court. The game has a total of 6 players per team, including one goalkeeper. You can say that it is a combination of football, handball, and basketball. The players have to bounce and pass the ball to score a goal for their team. There are some other rules associated with this game, like the players cannot exceed 10 miles per hour, and they cannot ram into other players.

5. Wheelchair Rugby

Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Top 6 Wheelchair Sports That Mobility Patients Must Try
Wheelchair Rugby is a contact sport that combines hockey, basketball, and volleyball. It is a coed sport played by both men and women and includes six players per team. It is a challenging and engaging sport for anyone who loves team sports. The adaptations from the main rugby game includes the introduction of a try award in addition to a goal award, the extension of breaks in the game, and the introduction of a ball holder, a device to stop the ball from rolling off the lap of the players.

6. Fishing

While you may not consider fishing as a sport, it is a perfect game for mobility patients. You can participate in fishing alone, basking under the sun peacefully, or you can do it in social gatherings along with your friends and family. You can even participate in competitive tournaments. Many fishing sports events offer unique, accessible platforms and ramps for wheelchair users. You can purchase a rod holder for your fishing trip. The rod holder should detach and attach easily. If you have limited arm movement, you can even take the help of an electric reel. Fishing is one of the best wheelchair sports to destress and relax.


When you are looking for wheelchair sports, it is reasonable to feel anxious about your ability to participate in sports activities. However, the above sports ideas will help you to select the right sport for you. Whether it is a solo sport or a team sport, mobility patients can benefit from playing any wheelchair sports. Some other wheelchair sports worth mentioning are softball, rock climbing, paragliding, and hockey.

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