Top Travel Insurance Tips For Solo Women Travellers

Top Travel Insurance Tips For Solo Women Travellers
Top Travel Insurance Tips For Solo Women Travellers
The Indian travel and tourism industry is developing at a
rapid rate. With more and more individuals looking for tailor-made travel
plans, the number of solo travellers have been growing at a rate of 18%
year-on-year. The number of solo women travellers has also increased
significantly, thanks to the betterment and transparency of the tourism
industry and the introduction of   solo
travel insurance policies that help travellers meet unforeseen incidents during
their journey.

However, despite the improvement of infrastructure, there
are several reasons why solo travellers, especially women, should know about
safety tips essential for travelling. Following the tips mentioned below can
keep women travellers safe during their vacations.

1. Emergency Evacuation Facilities

Solo woman travellers planning to visit remote places both
in India and overseas should have proper evacuation plans.

While planning a trip to places such as Kenya, Myanmar,
Congo and others, you should know that while these places are beautiful and
hospitable, they lack proper medical facilities. If, during your travels, you
face an emergency medical situation, the quality of treatment here would be too

Therefore, the best travel insurance policies offer
assistance for evacuation in such cases. Evacuation simply refers to
transporting you to a different place where medical facilities are better. In
some cases, the policy covers the cost of air-ambulance and you are flown back
to India. The Solo Traveller Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv is one of the
better insurance plans for your tour.

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2. Review Health Insurance Plans

Before picking a single travel insurance plan, you should
understand what kind of medical cover you have now. Most health insurance plans
cover the expense of treatment within India. Therefore, if you are planning to
travel abroad, you need additional security against unplanned medical
situations during the tour.

Health care is expensive in Europe, USA and many other
nations. Therefore, you can easily drain all your savings seeking treatment in
one of these countries if you decide to travel without proper insurance

3. Claim Process

All travellers prefer a simple procedure for claiming their
insurance plans during their time of need, especially when they are travelling
alone. Always check the claim settlement process when you apply for a solo travel
insurance policy
. Compare the settlement process for the various financing
companies offering these insurance schemes and choose the one involving the
least amount of hassle.

Policies like the Backpacking Travel Insurance scheme
offered by Bajaj Finserv, for instance, provides a simple claim filing and
settlement procedure, making it easier for customers seeking help.

4. Covering Loss Of Baggage

Most independent travel insurance policies today offer
assistance in case you misplace your baggage. Similar help is available if
someone steals your bags. However, you need to determine which items of the
luggage the plan covers. Does it only cover tour travel documents and clothes?

For a solo women traveller, cover for lost clothes and
documents is not enough. If you are pregnant during the trip, you can also lose
important medicines and supplements along with your baggage. Check whether your
plan covers these items as well since the safety of your unborn child may be at
stake at such a time.

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5. Choose The Policy Type Carefully

If you are a frequent solo traveller, you need to look at
the multi-trip insurance schemes. These plans cover all your trips for a
one-year period, regardless of whether the travel lasts for a few days at a
time or a few weeks. However, if you are an occasional traveller, single trip
travel insurance benefits you more.

Moreover, women travelling to foreign countries should buy
an international travel insurance policy. Domestic
Travel Insurance Policy
offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance
& Subscriptions, on the other hand, can help deal with all your
travel-related emergencies in India.

Women travellers should choose carefully when deciding their
travel insurance plan. With these policies, you can travel alone without any



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