All you need to know about MBA


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized and highly valued degree
designed to develop the skills required for careers in management and business. The value of an MBA is
not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial
career in government, public sector, private industry and other areas. Generally what is MBA all about is
that allows you to learn how to successfully lead, manage, organize and adapt in a variety of business
environments and can translate your raw potential into great opportunities, and the skills learned through
an MBA program prepare you with practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. 

Some school requires that MBA candidates complete an internship at an organization or company,
which can lead to concrete job opportunities after the program. A traditional 2 year MBA program are
still common, one- year program has become increasingly popular. Online programs and part-time are
also widely available for professionals who are not willing or unable to take a year or two to do a full
time program. Some of the most common MBA specializations/ degrees are:

•An MBA in accounting is the most popular MBA courses in India. This course offers individuals with
varied prospectus across a globe as it stresses upon developing skills that are very important for the
control and operation of accounting information systems of any company. It can be pursued as full
time or a part-time degree.

•Human resources are a field with vast potential and deals in several aspects of the functioning of an
organization. MBA will sharpen the skills of an individual and master the field by learning topics that
are relevant to compensation management and business coaching. The HR program in MBA will
teach subjects like business analysis, organizational development and employee recruitment.

•Finance is an integral part of any organization and is done by the math and account wizards. An MBA
In finance prepares students for a leadership role in healthcare industries, financial corporations and
government and will perfect your accounting skills by instilling teachings that sharpen your existing
skills set.

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•A degree in marketing prepares you for a fast-paced business of marketing, developing and selling
products to different consumer markets. An MBA in marketing presents an opportunity to lead your
way towards increased salary, higher positions and better career opportunities in a variety of fields. It
offers specialized in consumer behavior, promotions and marketing strategies, brand and product
management apart from regular courses including human resource and finance.

•An MBA in economics is one of the versatile courses which teaches an individual the fundamentals
of the economic decision- making and focuses on various practical aspects of commerce and business.
An economics graduate will be able to set up business given the local markets and predict its growth
and developments keeping in mind both local as well as international market standards.
Many fields are available for doing MBA such as strategic/risk management, E-business/ E-commerce,
operations management and it gives you recognition and leadership that cannot be earned in the
workplace. So it concludes in general what is MBA all about.

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