Best Tips To Use A Kettle Grill

Best Tips To Use A Kettle Grill
Best Tips To Use A Kettle Grill

As far as kettle grills are concerned, these are meant for
holiday weekend BBQs, adding some pizzazz to your kitchen ambiance. The only
difference between a kettle grill with that of charcoal BBQs is the high, round
cover. This lid comes with a vent so that you can open the same a little or as
much to retain the perfect smoky flavor in the food you cook. You can also use
the grill to roast different kinds of meat. People who choose kettle grills
will not opt for any other cooking appliances.

According to an article published on,
there are a couple of awesome grill appliances to take your festive BBQ
celebrations to the next level. You can barbeque steak perfectly with one of
these grills. Let us read on to learn how to use a kettle grill the right way.

First, Take Away The Food Rack From
The Grill

After removing the food rack, cover the grill base with
charcoal and add a little more to ensure consistent heat is supplied when you
barbeque meats. Next, spurt charcoal lighter liquid so that a little of the
fluid is on the charcoal on the base layer. Make sure you do not soak the
charcoal; you will require some across the charcoal. Light a match and toss it
into the kettle grill to ignite the lighter fluid.

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Let The Charcoal Burn Properly

Let the charcoal burn and show a coating of white ash
implying it is burning quite well and the food is ready to cook. Next, spray
the grill rack with a little non-sticky material meant for kettle grills. Keep
the rack on the grill and let the heat buildup. Just one piece of advice, you
should always use a kettle
grill cover
after you’re done cooking and when the appliance is not used
for enhanced durability.

Place Meat On The Rack

After placing meat on the rack, wait. If you have fatty
food, the flame will flare up a bit. Move the meat a lot or cook the same on
the top of the aluminum foil so that some of the fat melts. You can get rid of
the fat together with the foil and then, place the meat on the kettle grill.

Roast The Meat Or Food

Roast the food in an open pan with sufficient fluid in the
base to avoid burning. Close the grill’s lid and let the meat cook for approx
30 minutes and looking for water at the end of 30 minutes. Keep a meat
thermometer to see when the food is cooked, as it is hard to keep your kettle
grill at a uniform temperature. Remember to turn the meat over frequently so
that it’s barbequed uniformly both sides.

You will need to stir up the charcoal from time to time if
you find the flames are going out. You can add more charcoal if you require
grill meats for a long time.

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Once the food or meat is perfectly cooked, serve delicious,
succulent meat, hot and juicy. Pair it with the finest wine for that awesome
dining experience at home.


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