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Xamarin Versus React Native – Which To Choose?

Xamarin Versus React Native – Which To Choose?
Xamarin Versus React Native – Which To Choose?
Making the right choice of technology is a critical decision impacting product performance as well as the pace and quality of development phase.

In general, the factors such as strategic vision of the client company, specific requirements of the proposed application, skill set of development team and expected users’ genre are considered.

Since the trend of cross platform mobile apps has been proved worth for industries, techies are more involved in creating solutions using technologies such as React Native and Xamarin.

Both are young technologies. Sometimes developers struggle in choosing the right one for their project. This guide will help them in making suitable decisions.

The Xamarin Factor

Open source and free to use Xamarin is one of the early initiatives to address the challenges related to disarticulate technology stakes for mobile app development.

It enables the compilation of single central codebase with individual native apps for each technology platform.

The React Native Factor

Embodiment of React Native concept starts with ReactJS created as a high performance web framework that got empowered to be a mobile technology as React Native that geared up its pace and React Native App Development started trending like anything. Parallel to Xamarin, React Native also compiles a single codebase into different native apps.

Flexibility For Development Environment:

  • Xamarin offers flexibility in writing the code. If you want to write code for iPhone, you can simply write it on Windows. You need a platform just for compiling and building. React Native does not offer such flexibility.
  • On the other hand Xamarin works the best with MS Visual Studio and React Native simply works with any Text Editor while creation of versatile React Native Apps.

Ease Of Recompiling:

  • Due to its JavaScript advantage, React Native offers enough resilience and ease here. Build a React Native App mechanism gets proved much time saving as you don’t have to rebuild the complete application when you need to reflect the desired changes.

Community Advantage

  • Around 1.4 million active developers are believed to be the part of Xamarin’s strong community. It is backed by Microsoft.
  • React Native is backed by Facebook and has a great number of enthusiastic developers in its community.
  • One of the best parts about React Native is; it uses JavaScript as language. JavaScript is believed to be one of the most prevalent programming languages. According to reliable sources, the number of JavaScript developers is much higher than the number of developers of C# (Used for Xamarin), Swift (Used for iOS) and Java (Used for Android). Hence the number of React Native developers is consistently increasing in a remarkable pace.

Improvement Pace

Both of the young frameworks have been passing through continuous improvements through well thought of enhancements. Followed by the philosophy of ‘Grass is always green on the other side’, sometimes Xamarin developers find React Native Mobile App Development process easy. Sometimes, it’s the other way around.


We can compare them through various different parameters to make out that exact which one is more suitable to us for the particular project. Sometimes, it depends on our experience and expertise over a certain language as well.

Developers accustomed to C# will find Xamarin easy whereas web developers would rather incline to React Native Development. Each of them has its own advantage in different perspectives.

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