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Casino Games And Gambling Superstitions

This might be news for you, but do you know that casino players are mostly superstitious? And do you know that the myths you have been hearing and these superstitions are encouraged by the casinos themselves? Well, surprise! This is not a myth; this is true.

Casino Games And Gambling Superstitions
Casino Games And Gambling Superstitions

The Psychology Of Casino Superstitions

Psychologists have been studying and making research about the correlation between superstitions and gambling. The results show that a lot of gamblers may develop their own assumptions and stories based on specific situations they have experienced and these might develop into the casino superstitions and myths. For instance, if a specific gambler wins, there is the possibility that he will look at the patterns and factors that transpired the winning the game. He will take observations and reflections and will end up concluding that it might be a certain type of clothing he is wearing during the winning session or the other activities around the room that induce the win.

The same thing applies if the player loses a game or two. He will begin to look for a pattern or something to blame on when something bad happens in a game. For instance, they may blame the dealer if they have lost multiple games with the same dealer, and conclude that the dealer might be unlucky.

However, superstitions are not solely created on personal experience. There are some players and gamblers who just buy the existing superstitions without questioning anything and pass them to friends and co-players.

Others tend to test the superstitions. However, they still fall prey to the trap of these myths. For instance, even if you do not believe that sitting with your legs crossed is unlucky and test the superstition, but upon losing, you will more likely believe that your loss was transpired by your crossed legs, even if it subconsciously has done.

Casino Games And Gambling Myths And Superstitions

1. Counting Your Money While Sitting At The Table

Some players believe that you should not count your money when you are sitting and gambling, as this will result in bad luck. This is also in reference to the famous lyrics of The Gambler, a song of Kenny Rogers that says, “you never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the tables; There'll be time enough for countin' When the dealin's done.”

Contrary to this belief, counting your money during the game and knowing how much money you have to wager is very important for strategic planning and deciding to quit or continue playing, according to Jeffrey Hayes from Casinomartini.

The only thing that makes “counting your money when you’re sitting at the table” bad is that it is rude to make other players wait for you until you are done counting.

2. Blowing On Your Dice

Blowing on the dice is no just popular on casino games but it is also commonly practised on different board games that require a dice.

In the casino context, you might have seen some players tossing the dice after having it blown on by their female partners or by themselves. There are two different explanations for this practice. First, this is because blowing on the dice makes it clean, paving the way for a smoother roll. The second explanation was, blowing on the dice allows the player (or someone) to activate some sticky material that has been put on a certain part of a dice. This was also a type of cheating on casino games.

3. Being Lucky Or Having A Lucky Partner

Surely, there are a lot of lucky charms that some players wear to increase their luck for more chances of winning the games. This includes bringing with them a “lucky” partner who probably has more positive energy and chakras in them. As the players believe, these positive chakras will make the universe side them, giving them the necessary luck they need.

4. Being Pregnant Will Make You Lucky

Pregnant women are believed to be lucky. If you are a male, it is said that you will have more wins if you bring with you a pregnant wife or a partner.

5. Knocking On The Wood For Good Luck

You probably have seen a lot of players knock on wood before tossing the dice or before playing the game. This is because they believe that knocking on wood gives them more luck or that it protects them from negative situations.

This is rooted in the paganist’s belief that woods possess good spirits in them and that touching or knocking is recognizing their divine power, which in return, gives you magical powers and luck you need to win. This belief was passed on to many generations and was acculturated in many Christians. They believe that woods possess divine power because Jesus was crucified to a wooden cross.

6. Crossing Your Fingers Upon Betting Or Playing

There are a lot of explanations to this, and the origin of this ritual and sign remains to be unknown. There are two theories that might suffice for an explanation, however. The first theory is still rooted in a pagan belief that a sign of cross creates more concentration of chakras and that it will result in more luck.

The second theory is also rooted in a Christian belief of the divine power of Jesus Christ and the sign of the cross where he was crucified. Crossing your fingers makes a cross sign that will protect you from the bad events in your life.

7. Avoiding The Entrance Door

A lot of players believe that entering into the casino building through the major entrance can bring bad luck. This is originated in the past where casinos had a large lion on the entrance and a lot of players entered through the jaw. Entering into the jaw was bad luck, as they said.

8. Avoid These Unlucky Things!

There are different superstitions that will restrict you from different materials like 50 buck bills, unlucky numbers like number 13, and the list goes on. These can depend on the culture of certain players as different countries have their own beliefs and superstitions.

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