Gym 101 For Newbies – Infographic

Gym 101 For Newbies – Infographic
Gym 101 For Newbies – Infographic

Making the decision to join the gym is a hard one. You know
that you want to get fit; you know that you want to use the gym but it’s still
daunting making that first visit, even if it’s for the initial consultation!
However, making the decision to join a gym is one that you’re unlikely to ever
regret because ultimately, it will make you a healthier person. Taking regular
trips to the gym in whatever capacity – classes, personal training or just simply
working out is a fantastic measure to add to your life. Fitness is not only
good for your health but it is also wonderful for your mental health and
wellbeing. You’ll find also that you sleep better after a rigorous gym session
so there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to
joining a gym. One major top tip we suggest is to bring a friend because it
will encourage you to keep going!

The guys at The Intelligent
have put together this useful infographic that lifts the lid on
everything you need to know about heading to the gym for the first time. It
covers everything from gym etiquette, what you need to bring with you to the
gym, expert advice from those in the industry and also some really helpful top
tips. Before you know it, you will be a real gym bunny!
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