How To Recover A Permanently Disabled Facebook Account?

How To Recover A Permanently Disabled Facebook Account?
How To Recover A Permanently Disabled Facebook Account?
Disabled Facebook Account is very annoying as you lose
access to your Facebook id and all personal data uploaded. Millions of people
are using Facebook worldwide to communicate with friends or relatives or to
promote their business. Having so many users all over the world, it becomes
really important for Facebook to provide security to its users.
Whenever Facebook notices any kind of suspicious activity in
your account, it might disable your account without any prior information.
During the security checks, there are times when genuine users also get blocked
due to some minor mistakes of the user.
Recovering a disabled
Facebook account
is certainly not an easy task. This guide might help you
in regaining access to your Facebook account. First, we will have a look at the
reasons behind the disabled Facebook account.

Reasons Behind Disabled Facebook

If you have tried to log in your Facebook id and it shows a
message saying “Your Account has been disabled. If you have any questions or
concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here”, then the following reasons might be
responsible for all this.
1. You might have used an incorrect name or typed your name
using special characters.
2. You might have posted the content or tried to promote
business inappropriately that violates the terms and conditions of Facebook.
3. Trying to impersonate any celebrity or brand may also
result in a disabled Facebook account.
4. Your account may have been reported by some other
Facebook users.
5. You might have tried to hack others’ accounts or
commented on something against the policies of Facebook.

How To Reactivate The Disabled Facebook

To regain access to your Disabled
FB Account
, follow the below-written step by step guide:
1. Visit the link “Disabled Account Appeal” in your browser.
2. Then enter the valid email id with which you registered
on Facebook and the original name that you used in the account.
3. Attach a valid id proof that represents your identity. If
you are above 18, you can upload any of the following:
  • Voter ID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Personal Insurance Card
  • Green Card
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If you are below 18, then you need to upload any one of the following

  • ID Card of school
  • Utility Bill Papers
  • Bus or Library Card
  • Debit, Credit or any other type of card of Bank.

4. Lastly, click on the “Send” option, a dialogue box will
appear on the screen saying “Thanks for contacting Facebook. You should receive
an email response shortly” which signifies your application is submitted
After submission of your “Recover-disabled-id Appeal”, your
account will be reviewed by Facebook and you will receive a reply within 4-5
days. If you have uploaded a valid identity proof and there is nothing
suspicious in your account, then your Facebook account will be recovered easily.


If you are thinking of attaching any kind of duplicate id
proof and trying to fool Facebook, then you might lose access to your Facebook
account permanently.
After sending the appeal once, do not try to appeal again as
Facebook might consider it as spam. You need to wait for the reply from
Facebook which you will definitely receive within 4-5 days.


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