The Engineering Guideline of Uber Technology

The Engineering Guideline of Uber Technology
The Engineering Guideline of Uber Technology
Uber is the taxi ordering app used by millions of people due to its spellbinding service for people as
well as the employees of Uber. Just with one click on your smartphone, you can book an Uber private
hire and the nearest car will pick you up in minutes.
Along with other services, Uber Lux Cars are used for high-profile passengers to show off their flamboy
ant style and elegance through the Luxury cars.
The user-friendly and simple front-end of Uber hides a complicated set of programming instructions
in the backend. There are multiple programming languages used in the Uber App.

Technical Features of Uber:

Following are the basic technical features of Uber:
  1. Push Notifications: 
It entails the data about picking point and time, vehicle type and model and the booking status, etc.
  1. Payments:
It allows payment through credit or debit cards.
  1. Register/Login:
It allows users to access the Uber app by email id or social media login.
  1. Geolocation:
It identifies locations and guides the directions.
  1. Booking Interface:
It involves the screen to add booking data or start your travel.
  1. Messaging:
To communicate with the driver for a pickup point.
  1. Price Calculator:
The price of your travel ride from point A to point B is pre-estimated.
  1. Rating and Reviews:
It allows the providing of the client feedback.
However, Uber Lux Cars are commercially insured so a dashcam is installed to ensure the witness of
an accident so that claim can be made honestly.
Programming Languages of Uber Technology:
Uber’s engineers wrote in Python, Node.js, Go and Java. The first two programming languages are
used for marketplace team and everyone else. Whereas the last two programming languages are used
for their high-performance metrics. Java takes advantage of the open-source ecosystem and integrates
with the other external technologies. Java is an object-oriented programming language widely used
for its advantages all over the world. Hadoop and analytics tool combined with Java makes the best
out of Uber’s performance. Tornado is used with Python. There are many similarities and a few
differences between Python and Java. 
Comparison of Python and Java:
The biggest difference between the two programming languages is that Java is statically typed while
Python is dynamically typed language. Python is very easy to write but too difficult to analyze while Java
is difficult to write and easy to understand. Python is a programming language with much easier syntax
and the code is much shorter than that of Java. It all depends on the application. Some applications
require Java while others require Python. Together they create awesome results like Uber.
Comparison of Node Js and Golang:
Both are used for back-end development. Node Js. Creates an environment for JavaScript to be executed
on the server-side. Go is the short form of Golang based on the features of C and C++. Whereas Node Js
is comparatively slower than other languages and is a derivative of Java. Both are used in the App of
Uber’s Engineering Challenges:
Uber has the same global-scale issues as any of the successful software companies. The difference is
Uber’s business is based in the physical world in real-time. Regardless of freemium services, Uber has
only transactional users and drivers. Now also eaters and couriers are introduced. There is no time to
pause Uber’s business and scalability and availability of the business are highly demanded. Since Uber
is a fast-growing business, scalability becomes a huge problem. Any software has limitations, but Uber
requires a limitless platform. Ever since Uber Engineering has responded to growth with an awesome
level of adaptability and creativity as well as a disciplined approach. In-house solutions are built to solve
the issue of scalability, effectively.
Uber’s Testing Methods:
To ensure that the services of Uber can manage the growing production environment, two internal tools
are developed “Hailstorm” and “uDestroy”. The employees of Uber use a beta version of App for the
testing of the services before applying them. An App feedback reporter reports any bugs in case of errors
before its implementation.
Uber Logging:
Uber services interact with each other and the mobile devices of users. Dynamic pricing is based on this
feature of Uber. For logging, multiple Kafka clusters are used and all the data is archived into Hadoop
before it expires from Kafka.
This data is also absorbed in real-time by multiple services and further, it is indexed into a stack called
ELK Stack for searching and organizing. 
Routing and Service Discovery:
The SOA service-oriented architecture enables the cruciality of routing and service discovery. So, the
combination of HAProxy and HyperBahn is created to solve this problem. They both share a common
mission to add automation and intelligence to the services of Uber. 
Infrastructure and Storage:
The business of Uber runs on a hybrid cloud model, using multiple data centres and a mixture of cloud
providers. If one data centre fails, all the data is swapped onto another available data centre. But at any
time, all the data centres are tripping so this issue needed attention. It was solved by using a mixture of
internal tools called “Terraform”. Since the company is growing at a high rate, the need for storage
rapidly increases too. The Uber engineers assigned closest geographical data centres to cities, but they
also might trip. Every city was backed up in different data centre location. This means all the data was
tripping at a given time. That’s why Terraform was invented. The Uber Engineers currently use
Schemaless, Postgres and Cassandra. 
The Ultimate Conclusion:
The Uber’s Business directly depends on highly precise and accurate ETAs, Algorithm efficiency becomes
a greater issue than before. The prediction engines use the history of the driver to map the locations of
coming rides. The reverse geocoder tells the customer’s location based on GPS which is added to the
existing history of the driver and a new pick up point is added.

Hence, Uber technology is highly successful for a wildly growing business in the modern era. To brighten
your horizons of knowledge and perception about Uber you can check Pace Hire and avail the benefits
of it.
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