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5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment

5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment
5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment
Stuck at home or cannot go to the gym for your muscle training? Will you be intrigued if we say that you could gain all those muscles and that too without any gym equipment. Are you excited yet? Then, let’s dive in to know five essential exercises for building muscle without the use of any equipment (in no particular order).

These body exercises, with the magic of gravity, works just effectively as those with the equipment. Just get going, and buy Deca-Durabolin 300 mg and take your leap of faith with these muscle-building exercises.

1. Air Swimming

This one’s considered the best exercise to target your postural muscles so that you can flaunt your ‘no-equipment’ gains. For people not so good with the jargon, it’s an exercise that will improve the back area of the body. Some well-disciplined reps of this exercise keep the body up in good shape, along with giving vital strength to it.

How Can You Do It?

● Ease out, and lie down on your stomach’s.
● Extend your arms to the fullest - just above your head.
● Lift your chest from the ground, and with that, any other body part that’s touching the ground. Expect your stomach, of course.
● Slowly and steadily, start squeezing your glutes.
● And now, pretend like swimming in air, hence the name. Flutter your arms and legs in the air. Do this with good coordination and frequently.

About The Reps:

Follow the sixteen seconds rule - inhale for six seconds, hold for four, and then exhale for another six seconds.

For beginners, start with three sets, and rest for a minute or so between each set.

For past masters, make it five or six sets.

2. Tricep Dip With A Single Leg

It’s the most crucial tricep exercise included in the list, while you train sans equipment. This dip exercise with just one leg is meant for the triceps.

This one a balancing exercise because many of us only focus on our biceps. As a result, triceps are often overlooked. This exercise serves justice to the triceps. The only weight you’ll be lifting in this exercise would be your bodyweight.

How Can You Do It?

● Just be seated on the floor. Keep your feets flat and touched to the floor, and make sure they minimally arch.
● Place your hands on the floor, but behind you. Make it clear that your fingers should be towards your body or waist.
● Lift your butt with the strength of your hands.
● Raise your left leg upwards, in a kicking motion.
● Now bend your elbows at an angle so that your hip area is a few inches above the ground. And after a second, bring your elbows into their original position.

About The Reps:

Start with twenty-five reps on the left side, then after a break, do it for another twenty-five times with the right leg. Keep continuing the process.

3. Runner’s Crunches

5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment
5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment
If you’re thinking about six-pack muscles, then you should probably try this particular exercise. Mainstream crunches strengthen your upper abdominal. This exercise makes your core work hard, and the result shows. Along with increasing the core, runner’s crunches also leave an impact on the flexor muscles of the hip region and the most favorite of all ‘six-pack’ lovers - rectus abdominis.

How Can You Do It?

● Lie down and place your hands in such a way that your elbows bulge outwards, wide on the sides.
● Ready for the crunch? Sit your way up and bring your back upwards from the floor. Keep your hips still.
● Bend your right leg in a way that it reaches your chest, then bring your left elbow forward and touch it with your right knee.
● Don’t bend your left leg throughout the process.
● Once done, repeat the same steps for the other side.

About The Reps:

For novice fitness lovers, ten to fifteen reps, in one set, with twenty-seconds time-out between all three sets, is a good start. Veterans can adjust according to their limits.

4. Burpee Plus Push-Ups

5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment
5 Exercises For Building Muscle Without Equipment
Burpees are an integrated part of the no-equipment fitness regime. And, when you top off burpees with push-ups, it’s like an icing on the cake. This combo exercise works very well on the body parts like core, biceps, triceps, forearms, and your glutes as well. Along with muscle building, the exercise also aids your cardio.

How Can You Do It?

● Hold your ground, keep your feet at a shoulder-width distance.
● Squat, and get hold of the ground for a quick push-up.
● Bend your elbows, and carry out one quick push-up.
● Rapidly, bring your feet towards your palms, and come in a squatting position, and stand up in quick succession.
● While jumping your way to your initial position, raise your hands in the air.

About The Reps:

Continue for one minute, rest for half a minute, and continue again. Do it till you cannot do it anymore.

5. Superman’s Punch

This exercise touches even those posterior areas, which no equipment exercise could affect effectively - back, buttocks, and shoulders.

How Can You Do It?

● Lie down on your stomach, keep your legs above the ground.
● Extend your hands forward, to the farthest stretch, and now punch.
● Bring back your hands by bending your elbows.
● Repeat it again and again.

About The Reps:

Initially, start with twenty seconds, take a ten seconds time-out, and then start again. Do three-four sets, until you get tired.


Now that you know almost all important exercises from Air Swimming to Superman’s Punch, the time’s calling is to implement them at your homes and get the most out of all the free time you have for fitness. The exercises listed above take care of all the muscles, ranging from posterior to anterior, and from triceps to abs. Do these exercises regularly and with the single discipline to get the maximum results out of these.

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