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7 Most Mysterious Places In The World

Planet Earth is chock full of bizarre, eerie, and surreal places. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re headed; there’s bound to be an old historical site you could visit that has a fascinating history and jaw-dropping architecture. Some might just be an interesting site, but others may have you jumping out of your skin.

Whether you’re a supernatural buff, a UFO hunter, a conspiracy theorist, or just a regular tourist, there are several wonderful and weird spots you could indulge in. These places are shrouded in mystery to this day, which is what makes them better than a regular tourist attraction.  Read on to discover some of the world’s most mysterious places that even science can’t fully explain:

1. Giza Pyramids, Egypt

7 Most Mysterious Places In The World
7 Most Mysterious Places In The World
Three different Pharaohs built the three pyramids in Giza – Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure -between 2550 B.C. and 2490 B.C. The construction techniques used then remain highly controversial and mysterious, as this was a time when neither the wheel nor any iron tools had been invented. So how did ancient Egyptians manage to carry and stack millions of stone blocks weighing over 2 tons each to make these majestic towering monuments?

Despite a lot of studies using modern technologies, there is no one answer that everybody agrees on. There are a lot of theories and conspiracies surrounding the methods used, including one that says aliens are responsible for the advanced engineering techniques. That one’s not true – but it does make the Pyramids more fun to visit.

2. Eternal Flame Falls, Usa

The Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge Park, New York State, is a magical and mysterious place. It continues to baffle geologists because of a phenomenon that occurs here that seems to defy laws of nature – which is, that behind the falls is a flame that has stayed lit for thousands of years.

Other eternal flames in the world have hot rocks underneath them that release natural gas and keep a flame burning. But those conditions don’t exist here, yet it burns. It truly is a unique place on Earth where water and fire live in harmony.

3. Nazca Geoglyphs, Peru

About 250 miles south of Lima are thousands of enormous geoglyphs created by the ancient Nazca culture between 200 B.C. and 500 A.D. It covers an area of roughly 170 square miles, depicting exotic birds and animals, as well as other geometric and odd shapes.

These are best viewed from air or nearby high hills, owing to how massive each one is. The longest one, the pelican, is about 935 ft in length. It continues to baffle researchers and archaeologists as they try to comprehend why the prehistoric humans went to such painstaking lengths to etch these figures in the ground.

4. Stonehenge, U.K.

7 Most Mysterious Places In The World
7 Most Mysterious Places In The World
One of the most mysterious and fascinating monuments on Earth is a British cultural icon called Stonehenge. It is a ring of huge megaliths located an hour away from central London. It is Believed to be erected roughly 5,000 years ago, thousands of burial mounds surround it. 

There is still a lot of speculation surrounding the construction methods used and the actual purpose of this stone circle. Because several animal and human bones have been dug up near it, it could mean it served as an ancient burial ground or some other religious purpose at one point. A lot of theories also suggest some astronomic significance. No matter the eeriness that surrounds it, it makes for an extraordinary trip.

5. Bhangarh Fort, India

In the Alwar district, Rajasthan is one of the most haunted places in India – the Bhangarh Fort. It’s a complex consisting of a palace, public chambers, and multiple temples which have been preserved quite well. It is believed that it was built for King Madho Singh by his father King Bhagwant Das in 1631 but was later cursed by Guru Bala Nath, a local ascetic.

Inquisitive travelers come from far and wide to experience for themselves the paranormal activity supposedly associated with the fort. Locals claim to have heard women screaming and crying, the sound of bangles breaking and eerie music coming from the fort. Nobody knows if any of this is correct or complete fiction.

6. Magnetic Hill, Canada

In Moncton, New Brunswick, is a magical type of hill which appears to defy laws of gravity. When you’re on the bottom of the hill, it feels like your vehicle starts to drift upwards as though it’s moving towards a strong magnet. And if you’re on a cycle and you’re going downhill, you would struggle to keep moving as you would feel you’re going uphill.

A lot of research has been done to explain and imitate this phenomenon, and the most widely accepted theory is that it’s an elaborate optical illusion created by the mountainous horizon and landscape, and not really magic. Still, for the uninitiated, it seems like a totally bizarre phenomenon.

7. Blood Falls, Antarctica

In East, Antarctica is a 100 ft stream of water flowing from Taylor Glacier onto a frozen Lake Bonney. The peculiar thing about it, as the name suggests, is that it is deep blood-red colored. At first glance, it looks like a continuously bleeding wound, but it’s, in fact, the high iron content in the water that’s turning it red.

The water comes from an unseen brine lake that has mixed with iron from the surrounding rocks. When this comes in contact with air, it changes color to red. It’s not red algae, as was initially believed. It’s interesting to know about this unique discovery, even though there are very slim chances that you’ll ever pack the flat roof rack of your car with winter essentials to head out there.


Some of the best places on Earth are as baffling as they are beautiful. The seven wild and mysterious mentioned above here are examples of just that. Marvel at all the phenomena and wonders that science has tried so hard to explain but usually failed.

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