How Eating Cannabis Is Different Than Smoking

How Eating Cannabis Is Different Than Smoking
How Eating Cannabis Is Different Than Smoking
Cannabis has an immense fan following not only in the US but
all around the globe because of its therapeutic nature. There are several ways
to use cannabis but today; we will just focus on the main differences between
inhalation and ingestion, that is, between smoking and eating cannabis.

Time And Bodily Reaction

First, inhaling THC via a joint produces rapid effects,
between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, the brain and nervous system are directly
affected by smoke. Doesn’t matter if it is a pre-rolled joint pack
or a freshly prepared.

On the other hand, the reaction time is longer for
space-foods. An ingested mouthful first passes through the stomach. The
breakdown of foods with THC leads to the formation of the molecule called 11
–OH –THC. This molecule has the particularity of being able to move in the
blood to the brain. It can bypass the blood-brain barrier of the brain, which
in particular prevents toxins from accessing the brain. 11-OH-THC first enters
the bloodstream before affecting the nervous system, 30 minutes to 2 hours after
ingestion. This is why it is not advisable to take several portions of edibles
before feeling the effects of the first.

How Eating Cannabis Is Different Than Smoking
How Eating Cannabis Is Different Than Smoking

Quantity And Variety Of The Product
Is Important

A joint, depending on the consumer, requires between 0.1 g
and 1 gram of cannabis. The tweed, pre-rolled joints contain at least 0.5g.
That gives you a great hit. The convenience of a joint can be appealing as long
as the quality is there. According to the manufacturing methods, the quality of
the ingredients used, the CBD cannabis can be of more or less good quality.

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If the strains of cannabis Sativa, Indica or hybrid play an
essential role during inhalation, this is not the case for eating.

The effects of cannabis on the body depend on the variety
used. Indica is considered a weed that promotes relaxation, while Sativa is
exciting. This difference between the types disappears in the creation of CBD
infused food. Indeed, mixing with oil or butter affects the terpenes. Terpenes
are its molecular agents that make each weed have its peculiarity and its
unique smell. Not all is lost, but it is impossible to know what is lost in the
mixture. In addition, weed also loses substance when mixing the ingredients and

The Effects

Cannabis lovers know pretty well what effects they feel with
the consumption of a joint. The results may differ for people depending upon
the material – but still predictable.

On the other hand, CBD edibles can cause all types of
effects, without it being possible to really predict the impacts after
consumption. From laughter to amnesia, to euphoria or excitement, home cooking
produces variable results. Even the high-tech industries specializing in the
CBD-food trade cannot easily determine which dosage causes what effects.

The United States is also struggling to find a way to
regulate these cannabis foods after having noted an explosion in
hospitalizations due to these foods. But, it is healthier for those with an
illness that prevents them from inhaling cannabis, or tobacco by combustion.

How Much Time It Takes To Digest

After 4 to 5 hours of effects, cannabis is digested, but
some people feel effects for more than 24 hours. Gourmands can experience a big
blow of the bar. Inhaling cannabis usually causes little fatigue after 2 to 4

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To Wrap Up…

The two methods of consumption, whether for medical patients
or recreational users in countries where it is authorized, are not harmless.
However, it’s better to test with a small quantity to find the right
consumption method adaptive to your health. It is the only way to decide
whether you should go for the pre-roll
joint box
or the CBD infused cookies or candies.


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