How EER Calculator helps to calculate your daily estimated energy requirement?

To perform any physical activity, a certain energy level is needed. This depends on the kind of activity you plan to complete. For instance, running on a treadmill will require more energy than getting up from the bed. EER (Estimated energy requirement) is the minimum energy count that an individual requires to complete his desired day to day tasks particularly basic activities. How can you calculate it? Does the calculation method involve complexities? This depends on the method you have selected. Memorizing the formula does not mean that you can get correct values for EER. This is because apart from having basic knowledge of how to use it, you need to have a good level of mathematics knowledge as well. Unfortunately, a lot of users lack that.

Calculating EER manually is a tough ask

Determining EER is not simple after all. Even if you know the formula, several parameters need to be entered correctly to get authentic values. In most cases, people make mistakes even after spending several hours.  This is the prime reason why manual methods should not be used. Instead, users should opt for an EER calculator that helps in getting accurate values without any hassle. has also published an article about calculating EER.

EER calculator – Working process

To use the calculator, you need to follow the process given below

  • Enter the needed input parameters

Like any other online tool, the EER calculator determines results on the basis of values you have entered. If they have been entered incorrectly, the final output would be wrong as well. A total of five inputs have to be provided. These include the age, gender, height, weight and category of physical activity. To understand an example, consider that the age is 25, gender is male, height is 5ft and weight is 110 lbs. In addition to that, the physical activity level is Low Active. Enter these values and then click the “calculate” button.

  • Checking the results produced

Once you have entered the inputs mentioned above, the EER value calculated will be 2218. This is the energy you need to have to perform basic tasks. If the count is lower, you would find it hard to complete day to day tasks.

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Having accurate values for EER is mandatory

It is important to understand that getting correct EER values is very important as the diet intake and health related results will be affected. Not using an online calculator can make it very hard to accomplish this task. While performing manual calculations, there can always be a slip of concentration. In this way, an incorrect input may be entered

  • The value of EER is calculated after the user enters a total of 5 inputs. To get the correct result, all of them have to be correct. Incorrect results are mostly obtained when users do not consider using a calculator. They sit down with a pen and paper to determine values. Unfortunately, this is not the best way out. If you have an online tool to get correct answers, there is no point in using manual ways. An incorrect result can have an impact on the health practices that the user would adopt.
  • Can any randomly selected EER tool produce correct values? The answer to this question is no. To get accurate results, you have to use dependable calculators that have a strong framework.

The EER calculation process is quite simple to execute

Do I need to spend a lot of time for learning this new tool? This depends on the specific online application you are talking about. Estimated Energy Requirement Calculatorare among the simplest options you can view. The interface is quite easy so spending time for learning purposes is not a requirement.  Non-technical users face immense problems when they end up with hard to understand soft wares. This specific online calculator is quite simple so you can forget about dealing with complexities.

  • These tools work easily on all kind of devices including computers, tablets and smartphones. EER calculators are online applications so users do not have to think about setting them up. Other than that, they can be used in parallel on more than one device.
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Importance in terms of health performance

Having low energy levels can cause several problems for people. To begin with, your stamina would never be up to the mark and a constant sense of lethargy would be there. People face this problem when they do not have any idea about how much energy they should have. In other words, they are unaware of the EER value.

  • To monitor your health properly, make sure that you know about the accurate energy levels. This helps in rectifying the diet intake. If you have a lesser count of nutrients than needed, it would be quite hard to perform physical tasks. Hence, the goal is getting EER values without errors.
  • The easiest way to accomplish this task is using a credible online calculator. It would generate correct results without the user rechecking anything.

Summing it Up

Humans need to have a minimum energy count to perform day to day tasks. Not meeting this requirement results in early exhaustion. How do you know that the requirement of energy is being met or not? At this time, the EER factor comes into play. In simple terms, it defines the slightest energy count that a particular individual requires.
How can you calculate EER? Users have the option of carrying out the process manually but it does not work. You need to use a good calculator so that the accurate answers are attained and that too without any kind of inconvenience. Using an automated application simply means that the answers do not have to be rechecked. Another advantage is that these tools are free. Hence, there is no reason to go through lengthy steps when you can attain accurate outputs through online tools.
The overall process of using the EER calculator is not complicated at all. By entering five simple inputs, you can attain the resultant value. 


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