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How To Claim Baggage Insurance For Lost Damaged Luggage?

How To Claim Baggage Insurance For Lost Damaged Luggage?
How To Claim Baggage Insurance For Lost Damaged Luggage?
In September 2019, a major airline accidentally left the entire baggage of passengers at the Delhi airport of a Delhi to Istanbul flight. This incident led to a massive backlash from not only the passengers but also from the internet.

Despite the fact that such events are rare, they can leave a passenger stranded in a trip. Even though one cannot control the unforeseen incidents or mistakes made by any other individual, these risks can be mitigated by purchasing a baggage insurance policy.

What Is A Baggage Insurance Cover?

A baggage insurance plan provides coverage to policyholders in case their luggage undergoes damage or theft or burglary.

How To Claim It?

The claiming process of a baggage insurance policy is quite simple. In case of any such incident, it is the duty of a policyholder to intimate their insurance provider as soon as possible. They can do so by calling the company’s helpline number or sending an e-mail or an SMS.

After informing the company, individuals have to submit relevant documents to complete this process. They have to provide the following documents:
  • Signed and duly filled claim form.
  • A copy of the incident report.
  • In case of fire damage, a copy of the report provided by the fire department.
  • In case of a theft or burglary, a copy of the FIR.
  • Additional documents that policy providers require to complete this process.


The benefits of purchasing a travel baggage insurance plan are:

A. This plan compensates the policyholders against any loss incurred owing to theft, robbery or burglary during their travels. Hence, their luggage or any of its items suffer any loss they can make a claim.

B. Apart from the above mentioned reasons, a lost baggage insurance plan will also provide compensation against fire, strike, riots or any other reasons that damage the baggage.

C. An additional benefit of this insurance plan is that it not only covers the policyholder but also provides coverage to his/her family members from loss or damage of their luggage during a trip.

D. This baggage insurance plan is easy to purchase. Individuals can apply for it online and then make payment through online payment methods like debit/credit cards, UPI, net banking, mobile wallet, etc.

Individuals interested in purchasing a Baggage Insurance policy can get in touch with Bajaj Finserv that offers this policy under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. Individuals can purchase this Baggage Insurance plan for a minimal premium and receive coverage of up to Rs.50,000.

However, individuals should know that a baggage only travel insurance plan is not a policy that insures a trip. It only provides coverage for the luggage and items it contains.

Hence, individuals can also purchase a personal trip liability insurance for additional benefits. This policy offers benefits up to Rs.1 lakh for an annual premium of Rs.149. It provides coverage to a policyholder in case of an accidental bodily injury and any property damages.

In addition to the above mentioned policies, individuals can purchase a wallet care plan for extra coverage during their travels. Individuals can purchase this policy for an affordable annual premium of Rs.599 and avail coverage of up to Rs.2 lakh. Apart from financial assistance, this policy also offers benefits like payment card blocking and fraud coverage, SIM blocking, ID card replacement assistance, etc.

Losing or damaging luggage during a trip creates a significant problem and leaves travellers stranded without their essentials. Thus, purchasing a baggage insurance plan before going out for a trip is an ideal factor to consider. This insurance plan is affordable, easy to purchase, offers substantial coverage and its quick and easy claiming process makes it easier for policyholders to receive compensation at the earliest.

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