Microsoft Buys Affirmed Networks And Takes Its First Important Step In 5G Networks

Microsoft Buys Affirmed Networks And Takes Its First Important Step In 5G Networks
Microsoft Buys Affirmed Networks And Takes Its First Important Step In 5G Networks

Microsoft has
taken a crucial step in 5G networks with the acquisition of Affirmed Networks,
a virtualized networking company that gives support to operators.

announced the acquisition of Affirmed Networks, a corporation that surprised
MWC 2014 attendees a couple of years ago by displaying it’s completely
hardware-independent virtualized networking environment. With this acquisition,
the technology company takes a crucial step to position itself within the field
of 5G.

Microsoft Buys Affirmed Networks

According to an entry in its official
, Microsoft mentioned that the software will play a crucial role in
assist advance 5G by offering advances in speed, cost and security. the
acquisition of Affirmed Networks guarantees that Microsoft will push its Azure
platform by closing contracts with operators.
Until before the acquisition, Affirmed Networks offered its
virtualization technology to Orange, Vodafone, AT&T
and other telcos around the world. Microsoft will now continue this work using
Azure to manage network workloads within the cloud.

“Previous generations of wireless networks are supported
specially designed hardware. We believe that with software innovation and
making use of widely available cloud computing platforms such as Microsoft
Azure, operators can deploy and maintain 5G
and services more efficiently, more cost-effectively, faster and
more securely.”

The purchase comes weeks after Google made an identical move
by implementing Anthos for Telecom using its Google Cloud platform. the most advantage for operators is that
they might not need to invest in developing and operating data centres with
proprietary software and hardware, but would go away everything within the
hands of the three dominant companies: Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

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In late 2019, it had been announced that Vodafone, SK
, Verizon, and KDDI teamed up with Amazon to develop computing
services on 5G networks that leverage AWS infrastructure. Operators will use
the AWS Wavelength platform to create low-latency applications for end-users in
regions like Europe, South Korea, and Japan.

Earlier it had been mentioned that big tech companies would
be a cornerstone of 5G development and will even become operators by using
unlicensed frequencies within the not too distant future.


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