What Is Google Quality Score And How To Achieve It?

What Is Google Quality Score And How To Achieve It?
What Is Google Quality Score And How To Achieve It?

Google quality score is the key
to achieve a successful paid search marketing campaign. It is known as a very
significant segment that defines the quality of your ads, landing pages, and
keywords. Basically, search engines show the ads for selected keywords and when
any user clicks on that ad, the advertisers need to pay for it. But, thousands
of advertisers are trying for top rankings on the same keywords. And, therefore
Google finds a way to determine which order to show the available ads in. As a
result, it becomes a little bit more competitive. So, that’s where quality
score comes into playing a major role.

For example, the experts provide
different PPC and SEO services in
and other countries at all budgets. However, this guide will help
you in detail about Google quality score and ways to achieve it. So, let’s have
a look.

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What is Google Quality Score?
• Why Google Uses Quality Score?
How to Achieve Google Quality Score?
• Focus on Page Content
• Consider Link Structure
• URL Structures
• Count Page Speed
• Keyword Research

What Is Google Quality Score?

The Google Quality Score is a
ranking scale, varying from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), which further
accumulates the ad quality on the Google search network. It concludes that
higher quality ads can drive to more economical and better ad positions. And,
without a higher quality score, your web-page’s ranking in Google’s SERP will
be down and leads it to a low organic web-traffic and site’s conversion rate.
The numbers from 1 to 10 represent the relevancy of the keyword across the many
auctions in which it participates. Moreover, these numbers also help
advertisers in choosing the right keywords, writing good ads, and driving users
to helpful landing pages. This is the real-time quality score that really

Google looks at several design
factors to determine a web-page quality score. It includes the page’s content
and effectiveness of quality keywords. So, in order to beat your competitors in
the AdWords campaign, you must focus on quality keywords and other design

Quality score is the major
Google’s ranking signal as it is a long term white-hat SEO technique. Once the
quality score is accomplished according to Google’s search engine optimization
requirements, it will be able to fulfil the needs of online customers for the
long term. Quality score depends on how internet users will engage with your
web pages or ads.

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Why Google Uses Quality Score?

Google quality Adword score matters because it represents the
relevancy of your ads to users’ search queries. This technique also determines
ad rank, which is important for advertisers with a limited budget. The
advertisers with a small budget can work hard to optimize their accounts and
end up in the top ad positions, even if their bid is lower than a competitors’
bid with a lower quality score. If your keyword-level quality score is low,
then it will not enter an auction. This means your ad will not show and may not
compete with other searchers’ business. If your quality score is low, then your
ad rank is also low, which further generates less traffic and a lower ROI.

How To Achieve Google Quality Score?

In order to achieve better
results, advertisers must keep alive every page with a quality score ranking
signal. As discussed above, the quality score comprises the highest number,
ranging between 1 to 10. So, they can guarantee a pleasant Google PageRank and
consequently a higher site’s conversion rate. It is also important to consider
Google’s organic quality score requirements before optimizing your AdWords
campaigns. Well, here are 4 essential elements that help you in achieving the
quality score.

• Focus On Page Content

The page content is one of the
most significant aspects to fulfill the visitors’ needs. Therefore, spend more
quality time to develop unique content for your ads or web pages. Google bots
only give preferences to relevant web-pages that are featured with sufficient
content. An effective content strategy will create an impressive quality score.
But, make sure your content is also facilitated with the right keywords and
phrases. Choosing and embedding the correct keywords in titles and the main
body will increase overall visibility. But, the right keyword density is also
one of the major concerns in Google’s eye.

• Consider Link Structure

A user-friendly website must have
an effective internal link strategy to navigate the users from one page to
another. An effective external link to the related external pages provides more
detailed and valuable information to your users. Having a proper link strategy
helps in establishing information hierarchy for a given site. Information
hierarchy is also important because a well-designed information rendering
pattern from one to another ensures user satisfaction. In addition, internal
linking on a website helps in spreading the link juice around the site, which
is used to calculate the relevancy of web-pages and rank them in a better

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• URL Structures

If the domain name of sites is
equipped with relevant keywords will show it up in the SERP. And, the
conversation rate and traffic will automatically increase when a web-page ranks
higher in the search results. By using the primary niche keywords in the site’s
name and URL, your site will achieve a good quality score along with keywords.
Make sure your users have a good reason to continue and purchase services. So,
it is recommended that avoid very long and dynamic URL structures. Search
engines crawlers cannot crawl sites’ with dynamic URLs.

• Count Page Speed

Google considers page speed
ranking signals while crawling the sites. Some site pages take a too long time
to load because they are not user friendly. Even if the content on the page is
relevant, Google will not count it and internet users will also click-away as
soon they realize that a web-page is not loading faster. To achieve a higher
quality score to beat your competitors in Google’s SERP, you need to utilize
page speed tools like Google’s page speed tools to improve your site’s speed
for higher page rank.

• Keyword Research

It is recommended that you find
new, highly relevant keywords, so you can add it to your campaigns. It includes
long-tail opportunities that can contribute to the bulk of your overall
traffic. In addition, splitting your keywords into tight, organized groups will
add more effectiveness to individual ad campaigns. It is so because the quality
score primarily depends on the relevancy, and improving keyword quality score
is a condition of building your PPC campaigns into small, well-organized,
tightly knit groups of keywords. It is essential to exclude irrelevant search
terms that are wasting your budget.


The above-mentioned discussion is
representing a detailed guide of Google quality score. So, pick the right
keywords and build a well-organized ad campaign for achieving better organic
results. Do not forget to work on your URL structures, page speed,
link-building strategy, and page content. The more you focus on these
techniques, the likely it illustrates the success in your path. In addition,
you can also take help from an SEO or social media marketing
to rank higher.


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