Working From Home: Professions, Pros & Cons

Working From Home Professions, Pros & Cons
Working From Home Professions, Pros & Cons

The current developments in corona infections and
countermeasures make a day work for several employees what they need often
wanted: performing from home! No long commuting in an hour, no annoying colleagues
at the desk nearby. The challenges, difficulties and changes that are often
associated when employees are performing from home are often overlooked. It
starts with fundamental questions: Which jobs are suitable for performing from
home? And what do employees got to know who don’t add the office but in their
own four walls? We show you what you would like to understand and explain the
Pros & Cons of performing from home.

Working From Home: Which Jobs Are

The Internet enables access to relevant information and
therefore the transmission of labour results within a really short time. In many
roles, you’ll comfortably work from home that a presence within the company
would are important just a couple of decades ago. the likelihood grows with
many employees that they will do their own work from home.

But for which professions is it possible to figure from home
at all? One thing is clear: it’s simply impossible for varied jobs and
industries. Anyone who operates machines works during a warehouse works in
retail, all nursing professions, medical personnel, cops, utilities – these and
lots of other examples cannot work from home.

All jobs have better chances where it’s easy to figure from
home on a PC. Classic jobs from the office, that computers, Internet access and
a telephone are sufficient as work equipment, are often administered no matter

Working From Home: Top 5 Jobs

1. Editor

Writing texts is one among the standard works from home.
There are different types of job. Anyone working within the online area
needs knowledge of HTML and SEO,
because the texts are usually written during a search-engine-optimized manner
in content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or TYPO3.

Anyone who works as a copywriter also needs to be thought of
online marketing. performing from the house is also common among journalists and
authors. those that work on a contract basis usually generate orders from
appropriate content platforms like Textbroker, GreatContent or Textbox. However,
the earning opportunities are very different: everything is included between
fixed prices for the whole text and cents for individual words.

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2. Translator

Translating texts or video
is additionally a part of the work from home. This doesn’t only
require that you simply are very knowledgeable within the respective language.
In most cases, evidence within the sort of a degree, an apprenticeship or
corresponding references are going to be expected as evidence of your
specialist knowledge.

Similar to the work as an editor, the payment is predicated
on the scope of your work and therefore the level of difficulty: specialist
texts are usually paid higher, whether the language skills during a common
European language like English and French or in Arabic, for instance, plays a
task Translate Chinese or Russian or translate from these languages.

Working From Home Professions, Pros & Cons
Working From Home Professions, Pros & Cons

3. Programmer

Regardless of whether you’re developing software, an app
or an internet site – performing from home offers the required peace of mind.
As a programmer, you not only develop consistent with the needs of the
customer but also fix errors (bugs) that occur in test runs. to try to this,
you employ a programing language that’s transformed into a machine-readable
language employing a compiler.

Computer science or an information technology degree is
good prerequisites for later work as a programmer. counting on your interest,
you’ve got the chance to specialise in a selected area and study
geoinformatics, energy informatics, medical informatics or media informatics,
for instance.

With the exception of the eastern federal states (for
example, 1,800 euros per month in Saxony-Anhalt), earnings of several thousand
euros per month are comparatively high – up to 6,000 euros aren’t uncommon,
although the type is more likely to be around 3,500 euros. You may also find Web Developer jobs from home with Jooble.

4. Usability Tester

In principle, the usability tester is nothing quite a
product tester. While the latter mostly tests everyday products like cosmetics,
food, household appliances and baby products, for instance, to write down a product description that’s important for the vendor on Amazon, usability testers are mostly about
the products that were created by programmers, i.e. apps, software and

They are tested for his or her user-friendliness: are they
visually appealing? Are the steps intuitive and straightforward to follow after
brief instructions? Are the programs running quickly and smoothly? Most of the
time, as a usability tester, you do not need much previous knowledge. This job
can usually be built into lifestyle supported your personal options, which is
why it’s particularly suitable for college kids or employees on parental leave.

5. Video Producer

As a video producer, you create video and smaller film
contributions. Commercials or image films for your clients need to be filmed
and edited. Sound editing and dealing with effects are additional work.
Youtubers work very similarly (sometimes less professionally).

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In contrast to video producers, you are doing not have a
client, but present your own content. In contrast to the video producer,
Youtubers depend to an outsized extent on their followers, which is why content
has got to be produced at regular intervals (and counting on the target group,
these are in quick succession). Money is primarily generated by placing
advertisements, affiliate links within the video description and merchandise
placement. The sums essentially depend upon the range.

Pros And Cons When Performing Work
From Home

Working From Home Benefits

You Save Journeys:
This is easy on the nerves, the car and therefore the
wallet, because gasoline is dear and therefore the streets are crowded. When
performing from home, you do not need to substitute the holdup every morning or
squeeze into crowded trains. This also saves tons of your time if you are doing
not need to calculate an hour or two for the journey a day.

You Have Your Peace
Of Mind:
Annoying colleagues, the boss who constantly looks over his
shoulder and significantly more distraction are potential disruptive factors
once you add the office. If implemented correctly, you’ll have far more calm
and concentration when performing from home. This leads to a more productive
way of working with better results.

You Get Sick Less
An important topic at the moment: contact with many of us –
be it within the office or on the bus on the thanks to work – means pathogens
spread faster. those that work from home aren’t exposed and are less likely to
urge sick. And in fact, you furthermore may prevent yourself from infecting

Working From Home Cons

You Need
Working from home requires a better degree of
self-discipline, because the housework environment also has some temptations.
Sitting at the desk on time, not binging your favourite series on the side or
prolonging the lunch break on the coach – this is often harder for a few if
you’ll organize your working hours yourself.

You Have Fewer Social
Some of them are actually lonely at their desk because the
standard chats are missing within the tea kitchen. No direct exchange with
colleagues, no breaks together. there’s just one thing that helps: regular
communication via Skype or phone and a functioning social environment privately

You Have To Buy
This can be a plus, but it also can be an obstacle. Because
ergonomic furniture isn’t that cheap. But if you’re employed from home a
minimum of eight hours each day, you ought to have reasonable work materials to
try to your job well.


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