9 Ways To Keep Up With Digital Marketing News

9 Ways To Keep Up With Digital Marketing News
9 Ways To Keep Up With Digital Marketing News

We are living in a time of rapid
technological advancement, where changes in the field of digital media and
social networks are happening day by day. Everyone who works in the digital
marketing field daily will agree that keeping up with what’s new is crucial to
staying competitive. Identifying new trends always provides up-to-date content.

This is where the problem arises.
How do you keep up with trends while still doing your job? Don’t worry, the
record in front of you is exactly what we do – we’ll help you hunt for news.

Read on and discover ways to stay
up to date on digital marketing.

Where To Stay Up-To-Date On Digital

Social Networks

Social networks are a great (and
at the same time the simplest) way to track global trends. Keeps track of people
and businesses in your industry and takes advantage of the “see first” option.
This lets posts of the selected pages or profiles on your timeline appear
first. Another trick that will greatly benefit you is turning on notifications,
which will keep you updated on new posts.

Twitter and LinkedIn are most
relevant when looking for social media updates, as they are considered to be
the most “business-colored platforms”. Utilize their potential and tailor their
connections to their expertise. This way, only your posts will be customized
with your content.

If you are active on Twitter
regularly, you know that there are always opinion leaders discussing new trends
and updates. For an easier start, check out the list of opinion leaders and
influencers on Twitter that HubSpot believes are worth following.

While LinkedIn and Twitter are
most useful in catching up with new trends, Facebook and Instagram are not
overlooked – you can follow the hashtags with the latest in the digital world.

Hashtag or keywords are words or
phrases next to the # character that acts on social networks much like Google
keywords. When you search for a particular word with hashtags, only content
that has a hashtag with that word will be displayed. This is why they make it
easier to trace and notice relevant posts.

To follow your favorite hashtags,
enter the desired hashtag in the Instagram search box and click the “Follow”
button. This way, you will always be notified when new content is provided with
the desired hashtag. Follow hashtags like #digitalmarketing
#digitalmarketingtrends #digitalmarketingtrends2020 #trends
, and stay up to
date on new trends.

Tip: Keep track of what big businesses are doing on all social
networks, as they are sure to keep up with the times (and trends).

Linkedin Groups

You find many professional groups
on LinkedIn that you can join. Are you interested in a new update on Facebook,
an opinion on the future of social networking, or just an idea that you can use
in your work? You will find all this in LinkedIn Groups.

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To get started, check out the following LinkedIn groups in the field of
digital marketing:

• Digital Marketing: Social
Media, Search, Mobile & More.
• SocialMediopolis.com → New Home
of Social Media Marketing Group.
• Marketing I Social Media I
Business I Digital Media l CMO I Life Coaching.
• Digital Marketing.

Google Alerts

Google has a solution for
everything – maps, music, compiler … The fact that it can also help you keep
up with the latest trends is not surprising. With a multitude of settings that
include language, frequency, and location of news sources, you can receive
email reminders of the latest digital marketing contributions – always keeping
up with the times.

The area of your work is not the
only one for which you can create a reminder. If you wish, Google can alert you
to news about opinion leaders or influencers you’ve found on social media.

Email Newsletters

A great way to save time and
time-consuming browsing for new trends is by clicking on the
“Subscribe” button, which regularly brings to your web box a concise
content of the latest trends.

Or do you already have a set of
popular pages where you often read about new trends? Make it easy to work with
and subscribe to their mailing list.

Tip: You can also give us your
e-mail address on our website and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.


SEO optimization is a term used
for the technical and content editing of a website to appeal to search engines
(in addition to readers) and consequently rank in higher search positions. It
is a process that covers many factors that we need to pay attention to when
creating texts. One of the indicators of a well-optimized website is quality
and sophisticated content that covers a specific topic in detail.

How do website creators achieve
this? Of course, with the help of blog entries.

So blogs are specialized and SEO
optimized for a specific area, which is carefully addressed in most posts. This
means that you can easily find a blog with relevant content (your area of work
and interests), subscribe to it, and receive a notification in your e-mailbox
when new posts come out.

As you regularly read your blogs,
you will soon notice new market trends that you can use to plan your business’s
digital strategy.

To Get Started, Check Out The
Following Blogs:

• Bitly Blog.
• BuzzSumo.
• HubSpot Blog.
• Social Media Examiner.
• Social Media Explorer.
• The Moz Blog.

Events And Conferences

Take your time and take part in
some hackathons or attend conferences several times a year. Both present a
great opportunity to get to know digital marketing news firsthand. Lecturers
are experts in their field, so turn it around for yourself – ask them questions
that come up at the conference and write down as many points of interest as
possible. You can read the latter at any time and get ideas that you use in
your work.

Indeed, we often do not find the
time for conferences, so recordings and reportage from lectures are also
available on social networks. So without any excuses. 😉
However, conferences have a major advantage over them – meeting new people.
Through networking, you can make new friendships, strengthen business ties, and
increase your business visibility, share experiences and know-how – from
practical knowledge, business advice, to how businesses face sudden problems
and other day-to-day challenges. Networking is important for the growth of the
company as well as the individual.

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So, now that you have learned all
the benefits of conferences and events, it’s time to attend one of them. Want
to know what’s going to happen in your area in the future? You can find
information on websites like Eventbrite and Billetto, on Facebook under the
“Events” tab, or various applications.

Training And Certificates

In addition to conferences and
seminars, there are many other ways to learn online, such as online
certifications, YouTube channels, and webinars. Online education has become a
very popular treasure trove of knowledge that is being used daily by more and
more people – young and old alike.

Online certifications and
seminars provide knowledge in a wide variety of fields while being a great way
to get new knowledge quickly. They allow the individual complete flexibility,
from scheduling training to other physical barriers (transportation to an
educational institution). All this saves you considerable time and aligns with
other commitments.

The advantage of online education
is also the acquisition of new technical skills, including document sharing and
audio-video material creation – these are useful in almost every profession

“Learning in the comfort of
your home” is, therefore, a great way for you to grow and thrive. There
are indeed many certifications and seminars available online, so it can
sometimes be a little difficult to find the right one. For you, I have put
together a list that will make your choices a little easier.

TOP Certificates In Digital

• Hubspot Certificates.
• Google Digital Marketing Certificate.
• Google Certified Google Analytics.
• Udemy Google Analytics Certification.
• Course Certificates.
• Criteo.
• Exposure Ninja.
• Digital Vidya.
• Catalyst.
• Zoho Analytics.
• Dataversity.

Do you still have an excuse for
not having time? Then the next suggestion on how to keep up with digital
marketing is definitely for you.


Do you spend a lot of time
driving and traveling? Use this time to listen to podcasts that will make it
easier for you to stay up-to-date on digital marketing. Customize them based on
the driving length and use the time to gain valuable information from experts,
opinion leaders, and anyone else familiar with the latest digital marketing
trends. We can also help you in how to
buy followers on Instagram UK
for your social media campaign.

List Of Suggested Podcasts:

• Gary Vaynerchuk.
• Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.
• The Mad Marketing.
• The School Of Greatness Podcast.
• Behind The Scenes.
• Amy Porterfield Podcast.
• The Wired Podcast.
• Ted Podcasts.

 Monitoring Competition

My last suggestion to help you
stay up-to-date on digital marketing is to monitor your competitors. They may
be inspired by ideas that you can summarize, refine, or simply lead you to new
ideas and trigger brainstorming. Keep writing them down and rechecking when you
run out of creativity.

Now that you know all the secrets
to figure out what’s new in digital marketing, it’s time to put theory into
practice. I hope that any of the methods described will benefit you and save
you time in following daily trends.


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