Data recovery: guess which part of the PC can prevent it

Nowadays, who doesn’t want to have a powerful PC on their desktop? We use it to carry out all kinds of activities, from watching high definition video to enjoying the most spectacular games, surfing the internet, downloading large files, etc.
Some of these applications require high-capacity hard drives and high-performance video cards. Many users configure PCs themselves in order to have just what they are looking for.
One of the big mistakes that is made when buying PC components is choosing a poor quality power supply to save costs. In the salvagedata data recovery we often see hard drives damaged by failures of this component or you can view more.
Saving on the power supply can bring us problems, since it is the element in charge of supplying power to the entire system (motherboard, disks, external hardware …). If it fails, it can cause serious electronic damage to those other parts  which in turn have a high cost  and it can certainly be a reason for data loss if a power failure affects the hard drive.

An investment for today and tomorrow

The temptation to choose a cheap power supply is easy to understand, since it is possible to find a 700W power supply for € 60, while others of similar or slightly higher power (for example, 850W) can be around € 240.
Naturally, the price difference is reflected in the quality and performance: from the number of inputs / outputs available, to the noise generated by the source (which can be very annoying, especially if we leave the PC on for downloading files).
There are many other parameters that make a power supply better and consequently more expensive. In what aspects is this higher quality noticeable? For example, our team will have greater protection against power surges, in an electrical storm, etc.
In addition, a good power supply will facilitate that in future expansions of our PC we will not have problems to connect new parts; Keep in mind that the new components that are appearing are becoming more powerful and with greater capacity, but they also consume more.
We may have a damaged hard drive if the power supply fails

Data recovery due to faulty power supply

In the salvagedata data recovery service we have received many disks damaged by the power supply, with the possibility of losing important files stored on them. Suddenly, the user has found the “dead” PC, or has seen that the system was trying to boot but was not detecting the hard disk.
In many of these cases, the electrical failure affects the disk controller board, although the heads sometimes also fail. Our technology center performs a free diagnosis of the fault and has different data recovery techniques for each type of fault.
For all the above, it is important that when configuring a PC we take into account choosing a good power source, since it is a critical element for the PC’s operation and the health of our data.

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