Does Blending Destroy the Nutrients of Your Ingredients?


In this modern era, no one has such much time to sit on the
breakfast table and complete his breakfast. People are going to prefer the
juices and smoothies at breakfast instead of traditional. Juices and smoothies
are the essential things for our body for those also who want to look slim and
smart; it should be part of their diet.  
Smoothies and juices are the easiest way to take nutrients that
are essential for our body. One of the vital things we all know about the
recipes of juice is that even your ten years old offspring can also make one
for themself. Many of the recipes are easy to make with your hand blender. But
the question arises here that smoothies and juices are really beneficial for
our health or not? Can a blender destroy the nutrients available in fruits or
Does blending the fruit and vegetables destroy
the nutrients?
It is a highly debated conversation on the internet, whether the
blender can destroy the nutrients or not? Most of them agree on this certain
refusal to accept it and explain that it allows our body to absorb nutrients
easily in the liquid form as compared to eating them as whole foods.
Let’s break down this conversation about the blending of fruits
can destroy the nutrients or not with in-depth research and knowledge. We will
break this question: that is it really, all the nutrients and minerals are destroyed
by the blending of fruits and vegetables.
Why Blending Can Destroy The Nutrients In Fruit And Vegetables
The fact is that blending can never destroy the nutrients; it
just changes the shape and texture of the food that is easy to absorb in all
Before going to this conversation, we should know what a blender
is? And which one is the best one according to the
. The best blender will do all the
precautions that need to be done while blending the fruits and vegetables.
Understanding the basic of chewing foods

Chewing is the process in which we chew the harder or larger
food into small pieces with our teeth that can make it easier for our stomach
to digest. In this process, we help our stomach to perform its action only
without much effort that can keep us fit and healthy. More chewing helps to
break the fibers with the hold of nutrients, and it will enable our body to
absorb it quickly. 
Blending process
Blending is also the same as the chewing of food. The blending process
will work in a similar way to make the food simple, break the fibers with
upholding all the nutrients and minerals. Blending is the name in which we
change the shape and texture of food without losing any nutrients and minerals.
We make it in liquid form to digest easily. 

Fiber is one of the essential things in the food that helps our
digestive system and also plays a vital role in the regulation of sugar level
in the blood.
Therefore, it is concluded that blending will never destroy the
nutrients, but it will pre-digest the food that we do by our teeth as well as
make it easier for the body to absorb it faster than the food.
Nutrient loss due to heat
It is the factor that can be the reason for the loss of
nutrients from the fruits and vegetables is the heat produced by the blades of
the blender. But the heat which is produced by the blades is much lower as
compared to the heat produced at cooking, microwaving, and frying. Then how can
a blade of the blender destroy the nutrients?.
Experts claim that 90% of the nutrients in the juices after
blending fruits and vegetables because fruits are heat-sensitive; that’s why a
little heat produced by blades can destroy only 10% of the
essential nutrients.
Oxidation of Nutrients In Fruit And Vegetables
Oxidation is the process in which oxygen gets into the fruits
and allows it to destroy the nutrients available in the fruits. It usually
happens when we remove the peel of fruits like apples or potatoes. It is
clearly seen by the naked eye the change of color in the fruit and turns into
brownish. If we consider it in blending, then we can think that if the air
sucked in the blender, then it can become the reason for the loss of nutrients
from the juice.
Loss of nutrients is the invertible process once it is exposed
to the oxygen. Fruits and vegetables in the supermarket can also become the
source of lack of nutrients and unhealthy for our body.
The Solutions – How to Minimize the Nutrients Loss While Blending
There are specific solutions available to minimize the loss of
nutrients while blending. So the question arises here how can we reduce this
loss? Below you will found some answers and tricks that will help you to
minimize the loss of nutrients

1. Limit the amount of time spent on blending
First of all, limit the tie on blending or give some seconds of
pauses to minimize the heat produced by the blades of the
hand blender. If
you blend the fruits and vegetables for a shorter period with pauses, it will
help you to minimize the loss of nutrients.

2. Drink Straight Away
If we want to limit the oxidation process in juices as well as
in fruits, then eat the peeled fruits soon after peeling them. Besides
fruit-eating, drink the juices as quickly as possible after blending it to
prevent the oxidation of juices. Moreover, more extended storage of juices
without preservatives can degrade the nutrients present in the juices.

3. Careful when washing the ingredients
Avoid the use of soaking liquid while washing and blending of
fruits in a blender. The reason behind this precaution is that Vitamins B and C
are water-soluble, and they will leach from the fruit and reduce the number of
nutrients in the juice.
The Conclusion
Although we have the chances of loose of nutrients from the
juices as compared to the fruits, there are certain precautions if we follow
them, we can limit the loss. Moreover, it is the healthier and natural made
alternative of the fruits. However, it is the result shows that the blending of
fruits does not destroy the calories of fruits in liquid juices.
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