How To Fix Facebook Login Issue?

How To Fix Facebook Login Issue?
How To Fix Facebook Login Issue?

Facebook is the most preferred
social site that the majority of the people from all across the globe use for
connecting to their friends, family, and colleagues, etc. But, not to forget
that even the best of the best sites and as well as the technology will
encounter some kind of technical glitches at some given point of time. Same
way, the Facebook site/app also faces technical issues.

It is noted that many of the
Facebook users complain that they sometimes cannot log in to Facebook. And, it is true for the fact that log in
to the site which has more than 2 billion active users, isn’t the easiest thing
to do.

However, never fear about ‘Facebook
login issues
’ as there are plenty of solutions for the same. So, to help
the Facebook users in this matter, we below mentioned the effective solution to
the Facebook login issues
. Have a look:

Solution 1:

● If you can’t able to login to
your Facebook account then the first thing you should do in this case is “Check
whether Facebook is down for everyone or just from you.” It is because
sometimes, Facebook is down for everyone due to some technical error and that’s
why you’re not able to sign in into your account.

● So, check this possibility by
visiting the ‘’ site.

● There, in need to know the
status of the Facebook site, type ‘’ in the text box.

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● And, in case, the site is only
down for you and not for the others then you need to follow the other solutions
to fix it.

Solution 2:

● Sometimes, it might be the case
that you’re entering the wrong username, email address, and password in an
attempt to log in to your Facebook account. So, wrong credentials, typing error
as well as spelling mistakes can lead to ‘Facebook login issues.’

● So, to confirm that you’re
facing login issues due to this reason, you should re-enter your login
information carefully. Also, avoid the cut-and-paste feature, and it is always
suggested typing the login credentials with the keypad.

Solution 3:

● Another possible factor that
leads to ‘Facebook login issues’ is that you might forget the email and
password that you used to log in to your Facebook account. Therefore, recover
your Facebook account using the ‘Facebook reset methods.’

● To do so, go to Facebook
recovery page and type your recovery email address and phone number that you
added at the time of sign-up.

● After that, the Facebook team
will try to find out your account linked to the recovery email or phone number.

● Then, Facebook will provide you
the account options and from those options, you have to identify your account
and need to click on the ‘Continue’ button to further initiate the recovery

● Now, from the Facebook team,
you will get a reset account code or link on your recovery email address or
phone number.

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● Open that code by clicking on
it and use it to recover and to log in to your Facebook account.’

And, if that’s still not solving
the problem and you further need more help related to ‘Facebook login issues’
and as well as for other technical issues then in order to get the most
effective help, you can visit the site called ‘’ Its technical team member will help to provide you
an effective solution guide about almost all kinds of technical glitches.


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