Simple Rules to Follow for a Perfect Makeup


How do you enhance your own beauty without using a
professional makeup artist? Make-up at home is not difficult. Remember these
simple makeup rules
and you are ready with it.

Secret 1: How to Apply Makeup in Stages

All products must be applied to the prepared skin,
regular cleaning is not enough. Therefore, cleanse first, then apply the cream
under the cream, then cover the concealer’s stains in a uniform tone and
highlight the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and bones of the chest.

Use cleansing milk or a facial cleanser to cleanse
the skin. For better cleaning, including the removal of excess fat, supplements
can be used. If the skin is cleaned properly, care products should be used. It
can be a moisturizing nourishing cream or a cream liquid, with a lighter
structure and faster absorption. Apply the cream with a light touch, then
remove the excess mask with a cotton pad. Remember that the skin around the
eyes needs a separate cream. The soft lipstick will not be painful, especially
in winter: it will protect and hydrate thin skin and make your lips more

Secret 2: Even Tone is the Foundation

Appropriate cosmetics are designed to cover
imperfections in the skin, including rashes, dark circles under the eyes, and
slight redness. The fund is the best for this. Note that some cosmetics
manufacturers offer 2 to 1 products that combine the properties of the cream
and shade. If possible, always use it alone, but you can use the
multifunctional instrument when driving or when you don’t have time.

If you are buying a liquid foundation, apply it to
your wrist. If mixed, the color should be almost unchanged. For home-made
makeup, you need a special foundation or a silicone sponge brush. Using a tone
with your fingers can apply excessive cream. The smaller it is, the more
natural your beauty becomes! The brush is easier to apply shades, especially to
large pores. The sponge makes the sound softer, but some products are stuck to
the sponge so it is not economical to use.

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The corrector can cover small circles of
imperfections under the eyes, redness (blood vessels), bruises after lack of
sleep. It can be pink, pale yellow or pink. Mix a few drops of hip corrector
and then reach the top of the bone. You can paint them with loose eyelids to
prepare for shade and lightly powder your lips to enhance the strength of the
lipstick. The powder is designed to give the skin a matte effect and make
makeup more durable: it can be used in the evening.

Secret 3: How to Apply Makeup on the Eyes, Lips, and Cheekbones

Not everyone can use eyeshadows at home, so recording
videos of proper makeup lessons won’t hurt you. Pick up two shadows depending
on the situation (make-up day or night). Use a pencil before applying: trace a
thin strip along the lash line on the inside and outside of the upper eyelid.
Darker shadows move from the outer corner to the center of the eye. Then move
the eyelid from the inner corner to the center in a lighter tone. Apply it
lightly under your eyebrows. The classic shade colors are pastels, peaches,
pearls, sand.

Go to the body. When choosing it, pay attention to
the shape and length of the lashes. The narrow brush separates classic, curved
(twisted) and elongated lashes well. For short eyelashes, choose a brush with
the same lash and use it for a long time – a large brush. Try 2-3 days to drop
the mascara from the mascara or they will fall off.

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A special mascara can be applied to the eyebrows in a
pencil or color with wax and colored powder. The color should match the
hairline. Try mixing the natural tools applied with a brush. Pay particular
attention to where the eyebrows are bent: they must be particularly clear.

When applying the blush, wipe off the excess brush.
The color must be different from the basic color. Paint brown carefully, it is
easy to overdo it. They like light pink or light pink: it will refresh your
face and give a luminous look. Use a round face on the vertical line of the
bone: this will narrow the face. Conversely, to visually enlarge a narrow face,
the lines must be horizontal. Do not forget the awning or bronzer – it is a
blush with a shiny effect, suitable for evening dresses.

The last touch is the lips. Decide for yourself: use
transparency, coral, or pink in the office. Choose lighter colors at night. Wrap
your lips with a pencil to draw a darker color or the same color as the
lipstick. Therefore, it stays better and does not spread. Use brushes during
construction. Allow the lipstick to dry after the first review, or stick your
lips with a towel, then dust and apply for another pass. Lipstick will, therefore, be
more resilient.

By following these simple rules, you will quickly
learn how to put together correctly. The makeup here at home will be just as
perfect as in a beauty salon.


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