Vaping Alcohol – The Dangers You Need To Know

Vaping Alcohol – The Dangers You Need To Know
Vaping Alcohol – The Dangers You Need To Know

Any way you look at it, vaping
has become a very popular pastime. People are quitting cigarettes and choosing
e-juice. They are vaping their marijuana flowers and concentrates over smoking

Thus, it is no surprise that
vaping alcohol would become a thing. However, unlike vaping e-juice or cannabis
flowers or concentrates, vaping alcohol might not be better than the other
major method of consumption. For many people, alcohol is an acquired taste.
Some cannot even stand it blended with mixers – those juices and additions that
make those wonderfully fruity cocktails and marvelous margaritas and those
bodacious bloody marys. For others, high alcohol tolerance can mean it takes
a lot of drinks to get buzzed or drunk, and alcohol isn’t exactly cheap. Read
further and see what we mean.

Vaping alcohol could be a
solution to both of these problems. Raising the temperature of alcohol to its
boiling point and then inhaling the vapors can get you feeling the buzz faster
and on far less alcohol. Sometimes just a shot or two.

What Are The

And therein lies the danger. When
drink alcohol
, it is absorbed into your intestines and eventually processed
by your liver. If you are on a bender and drinking an entire bottle of tequila
shot by shot, your body protects itself from alcohol poisoning by making you
throw up. But vaping bypasses your digestive system. It circumvents a natural
process designed to keep you healthy.

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Vaping alcohol can very easily –
and very quickly – lead to alcohol
. It may take more than a puff or two, however. With devices like
the Vapshot mini, each puff contains about 1/60th of a shot of alcohol. So,
you’d have to puff a lot to suffer from alcohol poisoning.

Or would you? Users of alcohol
vaporizers report that they feel a buzz very quickly using the devices. The
trouble is that the buzz only lasts about 60 seconds or so per puff. It also
feels different than the buzz from drinking alcohol. One source claims that it
is similar to a mild whippet high.

Why You
Should Be Careful With Your Puffs

You can bet that there are going
to be people who get an alcohol vaporizer and overdose just because they puff
on it so much. Vaporizing alcohol bypasses the bitter taste and there’s no
danger of throwing up because the alcohol isn’t going into your digestive
system. So even if each hit is tiny, there’s nothing stopping someone from
puffing the night away into real danger once the
liver is overwhelmed
. Furthermore, unlike traditional shots, there isn’t a
good way to measure just how much you’ve consumed. It depends on the alcohol,
the method of vaporization, and the design of the device.

Yet even if you puff just a
little, there are other dangers. There is also your lung health to be concerned
about. Ethanol, which is absorbed into the lungs when you vaporize alcohol, can
damage the lungs and lead to infections.

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And if you think that vaping
alcohol helps you to avoid the calories – you might be wrong. Dr. Alfred
Aleguas of the Florida Poison Control Center says, “You drink it, you smoke it,
you inhale it, you’re still getting alcohol. So, if you’re getting alcohol you’re
getting the calories.”

Is There Any
Research Done On The Topic?

However, don’t look to find any
long-term studies on the dangers of vaping alcohol – it hasn’t become a large
enough trend so there is little research. In fact, most experts agree that
alcoholics are not going to go through the trouble that vaping alcohol requires
compared to just pouring a shot. You need dry ice, which the alcohol is poured
over to create vapors, or you need to purchase a device that vaporizes the
alcohol. These devices can be found online and range in price from under $100
to several hundred dollars. The Vapshot mentioned above retails for $699 or
$899 if you want to spring for a stainless-steel version, so just buying a
bottle of whiskey might be cheaper in the long run.

Vaping alcohol might be fun to
try on occasion, but caution should be taken when doing it. Being able to get an
instant buzz that only lasts about 15 minutes may sound appealing, but consider
the harm that it may do
to your lungs
. And while you might have to buy less alcohol, you still have
to buy a vaping device or dry ice. It might be cheaper, in the long run, to
stick to a shot glass and just drink your alcohol.

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