4 Types Of Yummy Cakes Baked With Fresh Strawberries


4 Types Of Yummy Cakes Baked With Fresh Strawberries
4 Types Of Yummy Cakes Baked With Fresh Strawberries

Welcome the season of fresh
strawberries with open arms on your cake top. Almost all of us love eating
strawberries and are in love with these fresh and juicy fruits. Recently many
baking experts, be it chefs, YouTube chefs, and many others have come up with
many delicious cake recipes that will surely satiate your soul. You can have
these delicious cakes for your celebrations and get the best fun out of it. So,
whenever nature gives you lovely and fresh strawberries, add them into
delicious cakes. Below are some amazing recipes for the strawberry cake to try
while strawberries are at their peak. If strawberries aren’t in season, you’ll
be pleased to learn that many of these recipes still work with frozen
strawberries. Btw, if you are missing the strawberry cakes too much, then you
can surely prefer taking online
cake delivery
for sure.

Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

Why not add some strawberries to
the delicious and extra creamy cheesecake? Yes, we all know how delicious and
airy cheesecakes are. They are favorite summer delicacies and have been on the
top of the list for the people. Now you can add some chunks of strawberries
into this delicacy and you are good to go. You only need to mix all the
ingredients that are required for a normal vanilla cake and some strawberries.
After you are done with baking normal cheesecake, then add a layer of
strawberries onto it.

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Strawberry Upside Down Cake

Like any other upside-down cake,
this one is also the most delicious thing you will come across. What you need
to do is take a bowl and add brown sugar, strawberries, and cornstarch into it.
Next, mix all of this and spread it on a skillet evenly. Now make the cake
batter and pour it into the bowl for baking it. After it gets baked nicely,
then cool the cake in a skillet for 15 minutes and invert it on a serving
plate. To make it fresher, you can surely refrigerate it for half an hour. This
one can also make a nice happy birthday
for sure. So, you surely need to get this one for your loved ones from
the best cake shop or do a DIY.

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

Why not get ready for the most
decadent cake of the year which is the strawberry chocolate mousse cake? Yes,
this one is the most pleasing cake for the sweet tooth and they can surely rely
on it for calming their hunger pangs. For this cake, you need to first make the
crust with crushed biscuits, salt, and butter. Then next make the chocolate
mousse with gelatin and melted chocolate. After refrigerating the mousses, then
make the laziest part of this cake which is the ganache. Once made then cover
the cake with ganache and refrigerate it before serving it to the guests.

Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed

Enjoy the delicacy in a small
size with these strawberry cupcakes. Yes, this one is for sure that you will
never get full of these mini delicacies. For making this one, you first need to
bake cupcakes and then make the filling. Add in strawberries, powdered sugar,
vanilla essence, cream cheese, and whipped cream into the filling and mix it
nicely. Once done, then scoop out a hole in the center of the cupcake and add
the filling into it. Lastly, garnish the cupcakes with shreds of strawberries.

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To all the strawberries, these
cakes are perfect for you to celebrate your favorite occasions along with your
loved ones. Now you can send this cake online or bake it at your home for your
super exciting celebrations. You can learn more about such a cake by keeping a
regular visit on our website. If you too have any strawberry cake ideas, then
you can share the same with us!!!


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