5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home


5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home
5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home

The pet pooch is none but the
most adorable family member of our house. They have the innate quality in
keeping us busy with their mischief and overloaded cuteness. But that is not
all. As a dog owner, the perfect grooming of these innocent souls is also
essential. Read below the five expert tips to groom your cuddly buddy. Follow
the ways to let him enjoy life hale and heartily.

● Detangle His Locks

The dog is none other than one of
our family members. So, you should treat him as a small child who cannot brush
his hair! Be gentle and cater to your pet pooch’s requirements. Matted fur is
very prevalent amongst long hair pooches. So, clean once a day to keep the
matting at bay. Purchase a metal comb, pin brush, and a slicker brush to comb
your canine’s hair. While brushing, if you find a cluster of matting at a
couple of places on his body, rub some corn starch on that area. It will loosen
the mat, and slowly you will be able to detangle the knots with your pooch’s
slicker brush. Brush on all four sides to get better results.

Once you have detangled all the
mats, check thoroughly by rubbing your hands all over his body. Check the
portions that are not visible clearly, like areas underneath his legs, tail,
paws, and belly. Finally, with the pin brush and the metal comb, brush his hair
in upwards and downwards movement—this helps in taking out the rest of the dead
hair. To make your pet pal smell good, groom him a dry bath with dog perfumes
and powders. Let your canine buddy smell sweet the entire day!

● A Good Pedicure Is A Must!

The grooming of your pet pooch is
not about brushing his bushy hair and tail, but includes his pedicure too! The
constant clicking on the floor stands as a good reminder that your pet pooch’s
pedicure is due! Schedule a pedicure session at home every couple of months for
his well-being. Many pet buddies go under ‘clipper anxiety,’ which you have to
undergo many times. But according to most, there is no best way than to ‘clip’
your pet pooches’ nails.  You do not have
to be a trained dog groomer for trimming and shaping his nails. But then, while
clipping the nails, you should be careful of the nail bed, as it consists of
all the veins and blood vessels. And, too much pressure on their nails with the
clipper might make them bleed.

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While planning to clip his nails,
you should take somebody for assistance. One has to hold their paws for you to
find out the right nails to cut. There are various kinds of nail clippers
available in pet retail outlets or online stores. Purchase one according to the
breed you own. Try to get hold of the clipper with a small lock. It helps in
adjusting the portion of the nail that you should clip. After the clipping
process, file them well and check for any sharp edges. A decent filing will
reduce the frequency of the growth of the nails while keeping their paws clean.
Moreover, by incorporating a regular pedicure in its grooming schedule, you
will prevent it from being affected by early arthritis.

● Shampoo Him Right

Excessive shedding stands as a
significant problem amongst most of the pet owners. Regular grooming can help
in curbing the excessive shedding of hair. After brushing your pet buddy
regularly and going for weekly baths. You will notice a visible drop in his
shedding. Purchase a good shampoo formulated for our canine companion. Read the
directions on the bottle before you apply the same over your pet pooch—plan to
bath him after thorough brushing and detangling of his mats. Shampoo him
thoroughly by rubbing his coat in both upwards and downwards direction. It
helps in mixing the ingredients well within the body.

5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home
5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home

Remember not to put any lather on
his facial part, as it irritates his eyes, nostrils, and mouth. With the help
of a small wet sponge, dab those portions to clean the accumulated dirt around
his eyes, noses, and sides of his mouth. After his bath, dry them thoroughly,
but not vigorously, and comb again. It will help in detangling the rest of the
hair, owing to bathing and drying. And after each grooming session, make him
wear his fashionable yet comfortable dog clothes and
steal the show!

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● Keep Up His Dental Hygiene

Brush your pet buddy’s teeth
regularly, but it is yet another ritual! The dental health of your Fido is directly
related to his physical well-being. Make his brushing more enjoyable by keeping
some choostix handy at home. You can give your pooch one to chew. It will also
help in saving his teeth plaque-free and act as his favorite treat!

● Massage Him Well

Our canine companions benefit
majorly from massage, but if done by applying the right techniques! Yes, if you
plan to give your pet buddy a small body massage, you have to have the know-how
of your pet pooches’ muscles and others how to relieve them from stress and
strain. Include a quarterly massage session in his grooming schedule, but never
try the DIY
. They have susceptible muscles. So, you should consult the
professional dog groomer for their right body massage. With the aid of the
canine companions’ groups of muscles, ways of massaging them, and eliminating
the stressors, they feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home
5 Expert Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home

Regular grooming of your Fido
will automatically lessen your visit to the vet, and keep the medical issues at
bay. While grooming him at home, check his nails, the covered portions between
each finger, check the paw pads and ears, teeth and the gums, under his tail,
and also rub your hand thoroughly on his chest and stomach. These areas are
very vulnerable for any blood-sucking ticks to make home! Also, keep the five
expert tips in mind while grooming your adorable pet buddy. Nothing feels more
heavenly than to snuggle with a cute well-groomed pet pooch.


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