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5 Important Facts You Should Know About Slip And Fall Accidents

5 Important Facts You Should Know About Slip And Fall Accidents
5 Important Facts You Should Know About Slip And Fall Accidents
You’ve lost your balance on a slippery surface and now you’re falling. We’ve all been there.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common causes of injury in the United States. Although it may seem insignificant, the dangers of these accidents are serious. Three million older people visit the emergency room for slip and fall accidents a year.

These types of accidents can also be expensive. If you’ve experienced a slip and fall injury, you know the drill. If not, here are five important facts you should know about slip and fall accidents.

1. Slip And Fall Accidents Are Expensive

On average, individuals that have a slip and fall accident can expect to pay $30,000 to $40,000.

Costs this high for an accident that seems simple can devastate a family. Even some accidents of the more extreme variety can range in the lower $50,000.

2. On The Job Payouts

A slip and fall can happen anywhere. When it happens at your workplace, there are some compensation claims that you are entitled to.

It’s said that 85 percent of workers slip and fall as a result of a slippery floor. Even more surprising is that of those incidents, 22 percent of them led to more than 31 days off of work.

Not only do these accidents happen often, but they can be serious.

3. Workplace Comp Claims

Slip and fall accidents rank number one as far as compensation claims in the workplace. Individuals that are 55 years or older are the most likely to file for worker’s comp after a slip and fall.

As individuals get older, they tend to experience serious injuries more and more from slipping and falling. Fractures of 65-year-olds and older are almost a direct result of a slip and fall. It can also result in a spinal cord injury.

4. Legal Responsibilities

After getting hurt in a slip and fall accident, you might need additional help recovering from a responsible party.

If your accident is caused by someone else, you may be entitled to some form of compensation or slip and fall settlements. Failure to provide appropriate care for your injuries can lead to a claim for recovery.

If you’ve experienced this type of accident, there’s even more info available for your situation.

5. Young And Old Alike

Older individuals aren't the only ones that experience slip and fall accidents.

Slip and falls are the most common non-fatal injury for all ages except one, 10 to 24-year-olds. Although slip and fall accidents aren’t numbered one for this age range, they still rank second regarding non-fatal injuries.

These accidents can happen to anyone. Although it seems like a common occurrence, a slip can turn from not so bad to life-threatening in a moment. Understanding this information can help protect old and young from the aftermath of a slip and fall.

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