7 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life


Safety and security are what we
all crave as a fundamental need for life in an uncertain world. A wide range of
scenarios can happen in any instance that can lead to compromising our safety.
Although certain situations are not in our control, we can always prepare
ourselves to face any eventuality in the best way possible. Always trust in
your gut instincts and maintain your guard at unfamiliar locations and in the
company of unknown people.

A situation can escalate quickly
into a dangerous one, and early anticipation and reaction in a smart way will
ensure that you are safe in any situation. Although you may hear about
transgressions and safety issues happening in the news every day, we assume
that it will never occur to us until it does. Ensure that you plan your travel
routes to avoid going through dark alleys and shady parts of the city.

There are several techniques you
can learn easily to escape from situations that can compromise your safety.
Several new technologies can help you safely and alert the authorities or your
family for help in an emergency. Keeping yourself physically and mentally fit
will allow you to face any situation fearlessly. Let us go through the 7
personal safety tips that could save your life.

1. Avoid Being A Victim If Someone
Is Following

Perpetrators identify their
victims by their body language to understand if they are weak or strong. If you
give signs that you are nervous or weak with your body language, you have a
higher chance of becoming a victim. According to a study, criminals identify
their victims within seconds by looking at their facial expressions and body
language. You must avoid walking away fast and ducking your head if you find
someone following you.

7 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life
7 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

The best course of action you can
take is to turn around and look at them in the eye directly. You can also
directly address them by asking a question or yelling at the top of your voice.
By revealing that you are aware they are following you, you can avoid the
element of surprise that they have when they plan on attacking you. It will
also make you look strong and a difficult target. You must also call someone
you know to let them know that someone is following you and ensure that the
person following can hear your conversation.

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2. Always Keep Your Car Keys Nearby

Having your keys with you
wherever you go will make it easy to get in your car and drive away when the
situation turns sour. Your car key will also have a panic button, which can
work as an alarm to warn others of an emergency. Your car will start blowing
the horn and flash the headlights, which can create a ruckus. The car alarm
system is especially useful if you do not have a home alarm system.

This can startle and scare away
the perpetrators from bothering you and making further advances. The alarm
system can alert neighbors that there is an emergency and emergency services
such as the police can also find you easily. Keep your car keys in an aluminum
foil when not in use as this will prevent criminals from hacking the electronic
key system and relaying the signal to open and steal your car.

3. Stop Looking At Your Phone Screen

The smartphone can be extremely
distracting when you are in an outside environment and you may not be aware of
what is happening around you. Texting and walking can particularly be dangerous
as the human brain is not adept at multitasking and it will distract you from
paying attention to your surroundings. You can trip over or get in the way of
oncoming traffic resulting in injury. You must also refrain from using
headphones as you may miss hearing sounds that warn you about impending danger.

4. Be Alert When Alone In The
Parking Lot

Always lock the car doors and
roll up your windows as soon as you step out of your car. If you are walking
alone from or to your car in a parking lot, ensure that you have the car keys
in your hand as it will minimize the time you get into your car and drive away.
You can also use the keys to protect yourself if you come under an attack.

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5. Be Careful On What You Share On
Social Media

You must stop sharing everything
about your personal life on social media as it will make it easy for a criminal
to track your routines and weaknesses. The geotagging feature and location
services are not as safe as they reveal your current whereabouts. Posting
vacation pictures with your family may be fun, but it also reveals that your
home is ideal for robbing.

6. Ensure Safety At Home

Lock all your doors and windows
at night and also pull the blinds as someone can be watching from outside to
track what you are doing inside your home. Installing security cameras around
the perimeter of your house will detract anyone from snooping around. Life
insurance will protect you from any damages or eventualities you may suffer.
You can check out the global life insurance rates to get to know the best rates
for personal insurance and your family.

7 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life
7 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

7. Stay Safe In Public Spaces

Public places will be full of
people and can be an easy place for robbers to steal without notice. Ensure you
secure your belongings like your wallet, smartphone, and vehicle keys in your
front pocket to minimize the risks. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time,
and good life insurance can help you overcome such difficult situations. To get
the bang for your buck, make sure to compare the globe
life insurance rates
with other companies.


You must evaluate all the dangers
that you expose yourself to in everyday life and find ways to improve your
safety in every situation. Gluing your eyes constantly to the smartphone
screens can make you oblivious of what is happening in your surroundings. You
must constantly keep up to date with the ways that negative elements exploit
unsuspecting victims and avoid making the same mistakes.

Personal safety does not limit
itself to only physical safety, but also extends to mental and online safety.
There are several ways that someone can take advantage of you, and keeping a
low profile can avoid attracting unwanted attention towards yourself. Ensure to
keep your guard up, especially when you are alone, as this can be the time you
are most vulnerable. Always carry personal safety equipment to protect yourself
in case of an attack or transgression.


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