8 Reasons Why SEO Matters For Every Startup

The internet is making it easier for individuals to find the
products and services they need online, and businesses are also finding it
easier to see their clients. With access to the internet and smart devices
becoming more prevalent, companies are turning towards digital mediums from
traditional mass marketing approaches. The internet gives you the power as a
business to find the exact consumers that require your business services.
It is paramount that every startup establishes its online
presence before building on its physical appearance so individuals can find you
to satisfy their needs. Every individual browses on the search engine for
finding the products or services for their needs before going to a physical
business. Search Engine Optimization allows your business to establish your
presence in the search engine results. Creating a website that provides value
to your consumers in line with SEO guidelines will make your website rank higher
on search engine results.
This enables your business to attract a large number of
potential customers to your website, which allows you to establish your brand
presence and increase conversions. Moreover, you will not need to spend an
excessive amount on the SEO of your website, and it provides long-lasting results.
You cannot understate the value of SEO to businesses in the long run. So, let
us shed some light on eight reasons why SEO matters for every startup.

1. SEO Builds Your Trust And

One of the main objectives of SEO is to establish your website’s
presence, optimize your website for speed, and improve user experience. You
will need to streamline your website to ensure that your customers can find
what they are looking for effortlessly. SEO aids in establishing your business
website as an authority on Search Engine Results Page or SERP, which makes you
trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer.
8 Reasons Why SEO Matters For Every Startup
8 Reasons Why SEO Matters For Every Startup
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You can build your brand value and construct stronger
relations with your clients with less effort. You can build your trust and
credibility over time with the use of various SEO best opractices. These
include backlinks from high authority websites, optimizing the elements in your
website, creating quality content, and fostering good user behavior.
Continually improving engagement with customers will build your credibility and
trust as a business.

2. Data For Making Customer Persona
And Behavior

Commonly, startups do not have a clear idea of their
customer persona while beginning their journey. SEO helps you understand what
your customer is looking for and streamline your website to make it easier for
them to find your business.

The data you get from SEO can help you figure out your
target audience and use the multitude of tools available to analyze the data.
These tools help you in finding the hottest keywords that your competitors are
ranking for over your business and also the pain points your customers go

3. The Primary Source Of Traffic Is
Organic Search

Most visitors and potential customers to your website come
from organic search results from search engines. Your website ranks for
specific keywords that your website contains in the search engine results page.
The users find your site while searching for phrases containing these keywords.
You can also use blogger
outreach services
to help in increasing backlinks to your website, which
drives more traffic and improves position in search result rankings. This makes
it critical for every startup to integrate SEO into their marketing strategy.

4. SEO Is Practically Free

Unlike other marketing verticals, you do not have to spend
much like a business on SEO, like most tools that you use for SEO are free or
charge a nominal price. You can use tools such as Google Search Console and
Google Analytics to understand your customer behavior on your website and find
where to make improvements. You can also improve your site performance by
analyzing the pages with slow loading times and high bounce rates.

5. SEO Is A Long Term Fix

SEO provides tangible long-term results rather than
advertising on social media channels or search engine marketing that requires
you to keep investing in getting positive results. Paid campaigns only offer a
short-term boost of your website’s visibility on the first page and withdraw it
as soon as you stop spending on ads. Good SEO will provide stability to your
website at the top of the search engine results page.

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6. Improve Traffic To Your Local

SEO can be useful in driving traffic to your physical store if
you run a brick and mortar establishment. Nowadays, most individuals search for
their own needs, such as a place to eat or buy a product on the internet to
find out about local businesses near their location. This can result in a
significant accumulation of leads and conversions to your business.

7. SEO Helps Make Critical Business

8 Reasons Why SEO Matters For Every Startup
8 Reasons Why SEO Matters For Every Startup

SEO aids in aligning the digital front of your business with
the vision of its founders. Startups find the data from SEO invaluable in
making future business decisions to take the business to the next growth stage.
This allows for the smart allocation of budgets towards the sectors that result
in most of the growth. Businesses can also conduct strategic marketing
campaigns that focus on the core needs of the customer.

8. SEO Influences Buying Cycles And
Gives Results

Customers go through various stages of research before
finally deciding to purchase. Practicing SEO on your website will make a
tremendous impact on influencing the decision-making process of the customer.
You can also enjoy the benefits of maximum brand awareness and conversions for
lower investments, making it crucial for the growth of startups.


The primary objective of any business is to find the
consumers who demand your product and will purchase them, providing you with
revenue. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses are moving to digital
channels to improve their visibility and attract more customers. As a startup
owner, you may not be having an abundance of funds to fund advertising
activities. SEO helps you in establishing your business without a hefty cost.
Around 90 percent of website traffic comes from search engine results according
to some statistics.


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