How To Solve AT&T Email Account Not Working With Outlook Issue?


How To Solve AT&T Email Account Not Working With Outlook Issue?
How To Solve AT&T Email Account Not Working With Outlook Issue?

This is very unfortunate to know
that like any other software or service, AT&T— “the largest and top-rated
telecommunication company” services also especially its ‘Webmail’ service
encounter various issues from time to time. Considering this fact, we’ve today
discussed and offered effective solutions about one such particular issue that
AT&T email users usually face when they configure their account with
Microsoft Outlook.

However, before moving on to the
below-listed advance solutions, what best you can try to fix ATT not working
with Outlook on Windows 10 is to disable
your ‘Windows Firewall’
or any third-party antivirus software that can also
be considered as the cause why your AT&T email not working with Outlook as
they have the tendency to interfere or block any software or email account
available on your system.

Therefore, to do so, press the
‘Windows Start’ button to choose the ‘Control Panel’ in order to open the
‘Windows Firewall’ option from it. Then, to disable the ‘Windows Firewall,’
click on the ‘Turn Windows Firewall off or on’ option to finally turn off your
Windows Firewall.

Other than this, you can also try
to fix this error by starting Outlook in
Safe Mode
and for that perform these 3 simple steps:

● Press ‘Windows key + R’
shortcut key together for a while to open the ‘Windows Run dialog box.’

● Then, in the required text
field of the dialog box, type ‘Outlook/safe mode’ and hit the ‘Enter’

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● After that, on the new window,
you have to simply click on ‘Continue’ to open the Outlook in safe window mode.
That’s it!

Now, check whether the ‘AT&T
Email Account not working with Outlook
’ issue has been resolved or not by
logging in to the account. If not, then you are good to go to perform the other
below-listed methods:

Method 1:
Remove And Add AT&T Email Account On MS Outlook Again:

● In order to remove AT&T
Email Account on MS Outlook, you need to first open your MS Outlook. Then,
navigate yourself to the ‘Files’ section.

● From the ‘Files section’ go to
the ‘Account Settings’ and then from there, select the option of ‘Manage

● Under ‘Manage Profile,’ you
need to click on the ‘Show Profile’ option, and from it, click right on your
account in order to choose the ‘Remove’ option from the contextual menu.

● After this, your AT&T
account will be removed from MS Outlook.

● Now, in order to again add your
AT&T email account on MS Outlook, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps
of the next given method.

Method 2:
Check And Configure AT&T Outlook Email Settings To Again Add AT&T Email

As a wrong or incorrect
configuration of AT&T Outlook
can cause “AT&T email
account not working with Outlook
” issue; let’s follow the below-mentioned
steps to check and configure AT&T Mail Outlook settings properly to again
add AT&T Email account on MS Outlook to fix the issue:


● To start with this method, open
‘Microsoft Outlook’ on your Windows operating system.

● Under it, go to its ‘Files’ tab
in order to click on the ‘Account Settings.’

● From ‘Account settings’
navigate yourself to the ‘Email’ tab in order to click on the option of ‘New.’

● Then, click on the ‘Server
Settings’ option to further select the ‘Internet Email Addresses.’

● In that, enter ‘Email address
and Username’ in the required text field.

● After entering the user data,
check the ‘Type of Account’ box by either selecting you ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP’ account

● Now, based on your choice, fill
the below- given information for the server settings:

For POP:

● Incoming E-mail Server:; Incoming Port: 995

● Outgoing Email Server:;
Outgoing Port: 465


● Incoming E-mail Server:; Incoming Port: 993

● Outgoing Email Server:;
Outgoing Port: 465

● Once you’re done with this,
move on further to the ‘Login Information’ tab to fill your correct login
credentials there in the required text field.

● Then, click on the option of
‘Finish’ to finally finish the process of AT&T email configuration for

That’s it! After performing these
steps correctly, you’ll be able to add your account back to MS Outlook, and
doing so will resolve your “ATT email account not working with MS Outlook”
issue as well. However, in case of further assistance, visit ‘’ to find all solutions
to all your email problems.


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