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Consult Online Psychologist In Jaipur For Dementia Treatment

The psychiatric online consultation is becoming ubiquitous mainly because of two intrinsic reasons. It conserves time, and it also helps you to get clinical psychotherapy at your home.

In an online consultation, with the psychotherapist, you have the video chat facility through WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom app which apparently brings a similar experience as you are in a direct talk with your psychiatrist in Jaipur. Through a video calling facility, it is possible to get personal attention expected by patients, while in the consultation on phone you miss this facility. It is even not safe and appropriate to consult over the phone.

Visiting a Psychologist or availing psychiatric help online is crucial if you're dealing with mental issues like stress, OCD, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia or any other psychological disorder.

Dementia is one such mental ailment that needs help from the clinical psychologist in Jaipur. It is a malady that causes long-term memory loss, like problems in remembering things and steadily curtails the capacity to think. We can say that when someone loses the ability to thinking, recognizing, and recalling they need to consult online Psychologist in Jaipur for Dementia Treatment. It still disturbs lifestyle and works regularly. It mainly affects old men and women, but you might see the symptoms of younger people too.

Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist

A psychotherapist is a broader term used for a qualified professional to treat emotional problems. They are the listener to your problem and then provide you with the remedies to overcome your problems.

A psychotherapist is referred to as Psychiatrist — If the doctor has a medical degree and clinically prescribe medication along with being a psychotherapist for talk therapy.

A psychotherapist is referred to as Psychologist — If the person has Ph.D. in psychology.  They specialize in psychological testing and research protocols.

To take treatment for dementia consulting best Psychologist Dr Sanjay Jain is the best choice. He has been practising psychiatrists in Jaipur for over 13 years. He is also the best option to get psychiatrists to help online for all mental problems.

Consult Online Psychologist In Jaipur For Dementia Treatment
Consult Online Psychologist In Jaipur For Dementia Treatment

The 2019 research report at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® showed that maintaining healthy lifestyle options like a healthy diet, doing exercise daily, not smoking may reduce the risk and effects of dementia.

Understanding Dementia As A Mental Disorder:

Dementia is a major cause of impairment among older people which lead to becoming dependent on their family members. It changes personal temperament, effecting their job, future and personal relationship too.

The brain has many parts performing different functions like memory, movement, etc. When any region gets affected, the cells of that region cannot perform properly.  Mental disease such as Alzheimer’s disease causes dementia because of damage to brain cells. The damaged hamper the communication ability of brain cells, thus affecting the reflex system of the brain.

Causes Of Damage In Brain Cells:


• Huntington’s disease

• Traumatic brain injury

• Alzheimer’s disease

• Vascular cognitive impairment

• Dementia with Lewy bodies

• Frontotemporal dementia

When Do You Need Psychotherapy In Jaipur?

The symptoms of dementia can be easily observed and can be taken care of. If you observe that keeping track of daily chores becomes an immense task, then it's time you visit a psychotherapist in Jaipur.  With his test and research, he will evaluate the actual condition of your brain and will help you take the right treatment.  The following symptoms are:


• Has a Short-term memory problem

• Always forgetting wallet or purse

• Forgetting paying bills

• Difficulty in remembering appointments

• Always confused while doing anything

• Changes in personality

• When you lose the ability to do the daily task

If you have any of these symptoms, then you must consult a doctor. Psychiatrist in Jaipur Sanjay Jain is the rightest choice for it, as he has been practising as a psychiatrist for the preceding 13 years.

Best Psychiatrist/Psychologist In Jaipur

Consult Online Psychologist In Jaipur For Dementia Treatment
Consult Online Psychologist In Jaipur For Dementia Treatment
Dr Sanjay Jain is a qualified professional psychologist with an experience of 13 years in handling the mental, sexual problems, abusive substance disorder, bipolar disorder in men, women, children, adolescents and teenagers. He is even the best psychotherapist in helping friends from the LGBT community.

His passion is to cure patients with quality treatment. He has served in much international research on psychiatric disorders. Sanjay Jain is a progressive psychiatrist with both traditional and modern approaches. As a psychologist, he examines the patients with the questionnaire, and different test and then can also prescribe medicines as the psychiatrist.

He is also awarded as the top psychiatrist for 2020 in Jaipur by threebestrated. Com, a ranking website of US giving ranks to the top leaders of the businesses every year. They have done research based on the validity of the information on the website, the doctor's performance ratings and reviews on Google. and the testaments of his patients.

He is MBBS from the well-recognised SMS Medical College and Hospital of Jaipur and then completed his MD in psychiatric from the same Institute.

Psychiatrist cum psychotherapist in Jaipur is also the certified representative of Rajasthan Medical Council. He is also an eligible child psychologist in Jaipur.  He is continuously spreading awareness about mental issues among the people through informational editorial columns published in regional newspapers. He has also invited for the various chat show for the same reason.

Consult Online Psychologist In Jaipur For Dementia Treatment

If you are living solely in your city and want clinical psychologist help, then online psychiatrist consultation is the best option.  Contact Dr Sanjay Jain for Online consultation services and for medical assistance at an affordable cost treatment.  for









How To Set Up The Appointment With The Psychiatrist For Consultation Online

Book the appointment for psychiatrist consultation online with Dr Sanjay by calling them at 91 9509029702.

The team will report the purpose of visiting and will subsequently set up the appointment of online consultation with the expert of mental problem. They will again send you the email that will consist the list of online consultations apps that require to be downloaded on your devices to have a convenient relaying of a video chat with the professional. The suggested apps are safe and give a sharp picture and clear sound quality.

Online Consultation With Video Chat FEE: ₹500

The cost of Psychologist treatment will range corresponding to mental disorder and their symptoms and causes.

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