Effects Of CBD For Anxiety


Effects Of CBD For Anxiety
Effects Of CBD For Anxiety

Cannabidiol is an effective
component which is found from plant sources such as hemp plant and marijuana
plants. From several types of research, it is evident that CBD oil can help
decrease anxiety.

Unlike THC, CBD extracts do not
create intoxication. CBD can be potentially efficient for anxiety and other
health disorders. Some of the effects of CBD for anxiety are as follows.

Working Of CBD

There are several receptors
present in the human body. The receptors are protein in nature, and they get
attached to the cells and get signals from several stimuli.

In the human body, there is a
relation between CBD, CB1 and CB2 receptyors. These receptors are located in
the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system of the human body.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter
that regulates mental health. Low serotonin levels in human cause depression.
CDB may change serotonin signalling, thus helping in reducing anxiety and

People can use CBD oils for reducing
anxiety and depression. However, you need to consult with the physician before
using CBD oils.

Evidence And Research

There are several pieces of
evidence and researches regarding the usefulness of CBD oil Canada in several
health disorders, but these are not enough.

For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The National Institute on Drug
Abuse claimed that CBD is effective in treating generalized anxiety disorders.
Experiments were done on several animals such as rats, and CBD oil has shown to
decrease inflammation and anxiety in rats.

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The physiological symptoms of
depression and anxiety, such as abnormal and increased heart rate were also
improved. However, to confirm the uses on human beings, more studies are

Treating Other Forms Of Anxiety

CBD is also efficient for
treating several other forms of anxiety, such as post-traumatic stress disorder
(PSTD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). Other consequences of anxiety, such
as depression and insomnia, can also be cured.

A research was conducted on the
people suffering from SAD in 2011. The patients were given the oral dosage of
400mg of CBD. The people were found to be cured, and overall anxiety levels
were reduced by using CBD oils.

Moreover, other sets of studies
also showed that CBD could also be effective in treating people suffering from
PSTD symptoms. The symptoms include a flashback of negative memories and having
nightmares. Therefore CBD was used as a supplement with the particular drugs
for anxiety and can be used as an entire treatment source of anxiety.

Treating Neurological Disorders

CBD has also shown to be
effective against certain neurological disorders.

The scientific researchers did
some researches on CBD to find it efficient against neurological disorders, but
there is not enough evidence to prove CBD best and effective against such

Researchers claimed that they
need to do more experiments on human beings instead of animals such as rats to
prove CBD effective against neurological disorders, anxiety and depression.

It does not matter that CBD is
effective in several health disorders, but you should not use CBD oil without
the prescription of a physician.

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