How Do You Avoid Motorbike Shipping Mistakes?


Transportation of vehicles like
motorbikes in appropriate containers is of great importance from the point of
view of ensuring their safety. Proper shipping is ensured if the container is
able to protect the vehicle from all transportation hazards, including from a
serious danger as theft. Poor packaging becomes the main cause of damage to
transported vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to use sufficiently strong
containers that can protect the motorbikes from damage.

How Do You Avoid Motorbike Shipping Mistakes?
How Do You Avoid Motorbike Shipping Mistakes?

At the same time, you must look
up motorbike shipping websites offering the services of transporting motorbike
from one country to another. There are different types of motorcycle shipping
organizations that provide quick transportation of vehicles along with simple
procedures and complete assurance of security. In addition, these professional
companies also offer multiple shipping options and full insurance coverage. For
example, the agents of motorbike
transport nz
will help you in moving your vehicle smoothly. For keeping
your experience positive, there are some things you must know. These aspects
will keep you aware of the most common mistakes that usually people and
shippers make. So, let’s find out what those are.

How Do You Avoid Motorbike Shipping Mistakes?
How Do You Avoid Motorbike Shipping Mistakes?

Mistake To Avoid While Shipping Your

● Failing To Do Proper Research

When looking for a reliable
shipper, it is recommended to find an international transporter with strong
credibility and great reviews from existing customers. In addition, it is also
essential to conduct all the necessary research. As you know, shipping
companies move goods from state to state and country to country, which is a
significant responsibility. The government has ordinances that mean shippers
must register with the Department of Transport. Moreover, if you want to move
items over state lines, then it should also be registered with the Federal
Motor Carrier Safety/Administration. While looking for companies, it is
recommended that short-list them according to reviews of satisfied customers.
Reputable companies generally have a testimonial section on their website where
customers describe their experience. Such reviews may help you in choosing the
right company.

● Poor Vehicle Preparation

One of the most important things
that matters while shipping motorcycles overseas is to make proper preparation.
The better you prepare the motorbike for overseas, the more you grab the
chances of protecting your vehicle from damages. For this, you need to wash
your motorbike, check the leaks and pressure, do not fill up your gas tank, and
many more. To limit the risk of a motorbike spoiler and other special
accessories breaking in transportation due to their odd size, make sure that
you exclude all custom parts before moving it. By cleaning a motorbike
properly, you will be better able to notice any possible damage and document
them appropriately during the paperwork.

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● Improper Packaging

About half of the issues that
arise while shipping a product are because of the improper packaging. Most of
the time faulty packing is the reason for the product damage. If the vehicles
are not packed properly, then there is a chance that it might get damaged while
transporting. The customers are not liable for any damage caused during
shipping. Hence, when it comes to packing your motorbikes, it is advised to
consult a professional. Some agents of shipping companies handle this part by
themselves.  In addition, they packed
them in proper wooden boxes dedicated to each type of product. So, it is
recommended that invest some time in ensuring that the vehicle is well-packed
than to bear the additional cost.

● Ignoring Insurance Coverage

It is obligatory to have
insurance covers for your shipping item. It will protect and cover your
motorbike from damage incurred during transit. Adopting a company without
insurance cover may further give birth to undesired damages. Therefore, for
preserving your motorbikes from such incidents, it is essential to ask about
the type of shipping insurance the company has and the total amount to cover
it. In other words, you can also request the company to show you the
appropriate insurance certificate and understand everything that you want to
cover under the policy. If you observe that the insurance cover is not enough,
then you may be obliged to spend some extra amount to protect your vehicle.

● Improper Documentation

A reliable and good motorbike
moving company provides certain documents before they pick-up your bike. These
documents comprise the bill of lading, vehicle registration and certificate of
insurance that determines that the vehicle relates to you and you have the
right to ship it. But, make sure that these documents are in a proper sequence.
In addition, make sure that you fill out the vehicle inspection report. This
means the company will competently examine your car and note down every
occurrence before moving it. Once your motorcycle is passed, your vehicle needs
to go through another examination or inspection to ensure that it did not
sustain any damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you have the appropriate

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● Ignoring Fragile Parts

Well, it might be an immeasurable
approach to pack your motorbike with all your peculiar belongings. The shipping
companies are prohibited from transporting any personal belongings that contain
household items. In addition, you must also remove the several components like
headlights that are breakable. Make sure you have safeguarded these removable
items before sending your motorcycle off. Most of the time, shipping companies
tend to pack the vehicle in a box container so that fragile parts do not incur
any significant damage.

● Not Calculating Shipping Quotes

The rates of Vehicle Shipping In NZ and other countries quoted by moving
companies and it varies from company to company. Therefore, it is important to
find a company that is ready to provide the best value. An effective way to do
that is to look for a company that presents a free online shipping quote
calculator. This will give an exact evaluation of how much an agency will price
you to dispatch your car. Also, remember that shipping quotes can never be
fixed as they are based on the size of the vehicle, location, distance
traveled, season, and the mode of transportation. So, calculate and evaluate
the price of motorbike shipping through free quotes.

Wrapping Up!

Shipping To New Zealand or other countries requires proper
preparation and understanding of its process. If you are aware of shipping
criteria, then you may fall under unwanted circumstances. So, before transporting
a vehicle, pay attention to their specific rules and regulations so you can
protect yourself from making repeated mistakes. It will ensure you that your
motorbike gets hassle-free and on-time transportation.

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