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How To Prepare For Your First Day Hike


Hiking is one of those activities that doesn’t immediately fall into exercise, travel or hobby. It’s a rare exception that combines all of these areas as well as enabling you to strengthen your mind and spend time offline both solo or in a group. Time quotes these benefits with Greg Braman declaring that hiking is a dynamic experience saying, “There’s mounting evidence that, for urbanites and suburbanites, nature experience increases positive mood and decreases negative mood.” Bratman is a Stanford research fellow and co-author of a 2015 study on the impact of spending time in natural environments with hikes of all levels considered beneficial.

That said if you’re keen to get into hiking, you needn’t immediately invest in complex hiking equipment or be deterred by a night spent in the wilderness. In 2020, exploring our local regions may well be the extent of the travel we do so it’s the ideal time to kickstart your day hike skills. Before you decide where to go, here are some more reasons to get into the outdoors beyond fitness. 

Benefits Of Taking A Day Hike In 2020:

● Improve Your Overall Health -- Fitness, Mindfulness, And Focus

We’ve already touched on the holistic health impacts of hiking above, with the combination of these going far beyond standard exercise for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing as well as being able to take photos!

● Discover New Places Local And International

Right now it might not be possible to travel internationally, so explore your backyard and home region with all kinds of short and longer hikes.

● Connect Socially

Taking time with friends and family on a hike is a low-impact shared activity or you can even join clubs and groups.

● Experience Nature And Spend Time Outdoors

Rather than staying indoors or in a built up area, hikes take you through all kinds of terrain and seasons away from screens or the need for equipment and your own lawn.

● Save Money And Enjoy A Largely Free Activity

Hiking is a largely free way to enjoy your time with the only ongoing overheads -- beyond equipment basics -- transport to your location, investing in good shoes, and any fees to access the hiking location.

● Explore And Awaken Your Mind

Time out moving your body and taking a breath can prompt flow state, encourage inspiration, and foster creativity of all kinds.

● Refine Logistic Skills And Navigation

Interpreting your location, planning, and reading maps are very different skills to your normal day-to-day and challenges you in practically rewarding ways.

● Conquer Extraordinary Places

Hiking literally takes you to physically new places that you wouldn’t see on the poetic ‘travelled’ path of roads as well as taking you out of your routine and habitual behaviour.

● Experience Culture, History And Geography

On a travel level, hiking extends you, shows you sites that you can’t reach any other way, and ensures you leave your comfort zone.

● Target Low-Risk Health Activities Outside And In Small Groups

It’s not entirely clear when we’ll resume large-group gatherings or visit cities en masse: this is a way to enjoy places in a low-risk, socially-distanced activity.

Now you know the benefits, you’re ready to plan your hike. This infographic, ‘How to Prepare For Your First Day Hike’, from Gabor Shoes is designed to help you get out on a trail and fight any intimidation you might feel. From footwear comparisons through to essential items, use this graphic to conquer your first day and take in the outdoors from a new vantage point. You never know what you might discover when you explore your surroundings on foot.

How To Prepare For Your First Day Hike
How To Prepare For Your First Day Hike

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