The cold brings a white landscape that many already missed. The resorts already have the slopes ready for ski and snowboard lovers to start enjoying them. Some have already been this year, while others are anxiously waiting to savor it with the best infant sunglasses for this season.
Progressor Splite
In number 1 of snow goggles, we find an Adidas goggle that has won the Best Mask of the Market Award for the year 2017: Adidas Progressor Splite AD85. It is certainly an excellent product:

  • It has the ClimaCool system, which prevents the glass from fogging, and a ventilation system.
  • The tape is silicone and is compatible with helmets.
  • It folds and adapts to any face with ease.
  • It does not have an amount, so it is very light. It only weighs 80 grams.
  • The absence of amount allows a vision of 180º, which translates into greater safety and speed on the track.
  • It has polycarbonate lenses, a light material that protects and does not break.
  • We can find it with transparent lenses, with colored mirror lenses, and with LST lenses, which stabilize light and harmonize vision.
  • The price is very good, but it does not have a spare lens.
Adidas bestseller for snow goggles returns with six new colors this season and features great features for great results and durability. This is the Adidas Buckland AD80 model:

  • It has a Climacool ventilation system.
  • A huge field of vision thanks to the absence of amount.
  • Replaceable polycarbonate lenses
  • It is adjustable.
  • Available LST lenses, which harmonize sudden light changes and anti-fog
  • Self-adjusting system to the nose.
  • Adjustable helmet-compatible silicone strap.
  • Double layer foam for sweat removal.
The Oakley Crowbar OO7005 is a very recurring model among snow fans and Oakley. Accounts with good benefits:

  • Dual ventilation lens with F3 anti-fog coating.
  • Rigid O Matter strap connections offer a balanced fit with or without a helmet
  • Triple-layer foam lining to eliminate sweat.
  • It is made of injection-molded polycarbonate to create a precise contour and achieve perfect optics.
  • The flexible O Matter ™ frame adjusts to the face for optimal comfort and fit.
  • It is compatible with most helmets.
Progressor Pro-Pack
This beautiful and practical Adidas pack comes with a spherical and a cylindrical lens. The Adidas Progressor-Pro-Pack has a striking design, a frame with the most advanced technology, and a wide field of vision. They have a mainframe -chassis- and two submounts with lenses -lens pod-.

  • A high-quality cylindrical lens for sharp vision.
  • Aspherical lens to provide a greater field of vision.
  • Quick-Shift system with which the lenses can be exchanged in the two structures, even with gloves.
  • Multilayer polycarbonate lenses available in LST and mirrored.
  • ClimaCool system, directs the air flow between the lenses to prevent fogging.
  • They allow incorporating a graduated lens.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Microfiber case that protects the additional lens.
I / O Recon
This Smith model is not available to everyone, but it is necessary to mention it in this selection because it really deserves it. I / O recon supposes the union of a mask of the I / O family with the recon technology, thus originating a mask with GPS and camera that shows the speed, distance, altitude and elevation capable of connecting to sensors and cameras additional.

  • Quick Release lens exchange system
  • Mirror performance lenses for bright light and low light
  • Carbonic-X spherical lenses
  • 5X® anti-fog internal lenses
  • TLT lens technology for sharp vision
  • Patented Porex® filter prevents optical distortion at height changes
  • Medium fit
  • Adjustable QuickFit strap system with clip buckle
  • DriWix 3-layer facial foam
  • Available in Asian fit
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Ultra-wide
  • Two-axis stabilizer adjustment system
  • Includes a microfiber cover for masks and replacement lenses.
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Enter the website to see the characteristics of this out-of-series model and check its price.

Targa Mini, children’s snow glasses
Children also have their place in this selection, that’s why we present the Spy Targa Mini model :

  • Flexible and comfortable polyurethane structure.
  • High-density foams.
  • Anti-scratch, solid, and anti-fog Lexan Clear lens.
  • Protection from UV aggressions (UVA, UVB, and UVC).
  • Adaptability to most helmets on the market.
  • Silicone tape.


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