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5 Essential FAQs On The Cloud-Based Phone Services

Businesses are continually looking for ways to upgrade their communication. Be it internal or external; telephone services are the most commonly used ways for that purpose. With the evolution of cloud PBX (private brands exchange), businesses have the flexibility to perform voice calls over data and Wi-Fi. They use on-site handsets and other smart devices that are very economical and reliable. So, overall, it’s a better way to communicate with anyone on behalf of the company.

5 Essential FAQs On The Cloud-Based Phone Services
5 Essential FAQs On The Cloud-Based Phone Services

However, many businesses do not exploit the core benefits of cloud-based communication. Why? It’s because they have some hindrances in their internet connectivity. Sometimes, lack of technical knowledge also leads to not taking advantage of every feature. However, this article is to make you aware of what doubts most people have faced. You will most probably resolve your issue if any regarding the cloud PBX system.

The FAQs

● What Exactly Is Cloud PBX?

It is basically a software-based private branch exchange that provides distribution of voice through mail, transfer, routing and related services. Any business can use it after installing the required devices. You also need to have a PBX vendor who maintains the servers and software. Lack of technical knowledge might not give you the full benefit of better communication and connectivity.

● How Is Traditional PBX Different From Cloud PBX In The Modern Days?

Traditional PBX was based on the premises where all the operations took place. However, to increase the flexibility, the PBX system was upgraded so that it could be managed anywhere. Even if the communication was to be done from somewhere else, it was possible. However, it all depends on the connectivity with your customer. Your internal staff should have the expertise of PBX management to modify and scale your voice services.

● What Is The Cost Of Installing Cloud PBX?

The cost of installation can vary from organisation to organisation. It depends on the number of lines, the level of connectivity, add-on features, handset selection, bandwidth needs, international calling needs, fibre-optic internet needs etc. There are some fixed and variable costs that you can estimate after taking a look at the plans from your PBX provider. If you need a number, you can estimate anywhere around $5000 if we consider the overall average. You can always tweak these costs according to your needs.

●Does Installing A Cheap Cloud PBX System Affect The Quality Of Communication?

Cloud PBX system is meant to improve communication. So, no matter how inexpensive your plan is, it’s always going to help you grow. Even the lowest cost plan delivers quality services. However, if your vendor is not reliable, you might expect some loopholes. Of course, your connectivity has to be good even if the plan does not allow full-time usage. Some problems that could occur are low uptime guarantees, lack of industrial experience, Poor quality optimisation, and bad connectivity.

● What Features Does Cloud PBX Have To Offer?

There are some included and add-on features in every cloud PBX plan. As mentioned above, your plan can vary according to the organisation's expectations. If you need just standard calls and a few voice mails, you will need the most basic plan. However, the features have a long list that is mentioned below.

1. Auto-attendant and voice recognition

2. Conference calling

3. Call recording

4. External and internal integrated platforms

5. Automated messaging responses

6. Primary email, voicemail and fax inbox

7. Sophisticated voice distribution

8. Active phone lines detection and monitoring

We hope after reading all these FAQs, you can relate to your business requirements. Its employees run any company. As long as the communication between them is effective, you will encounter constant growth. So, it’s always recommended to install a cloud PBX system that goes a long way in your daily operations.

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