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9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market

9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market
9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market
Are you looking for a safe new home for your product? We’ve got you covered in this blog post!

There is a myriad of companies in the United Kingdom that cater to all your packaging needs. Whether your product falls in the category of food or fashion, they have got it covered.

You can now find the perfect home for your product in a vast range of custom boxes that are not limited to cosmetics boxes, metalized boxes, retail boxes etc. You can now opt for a packaging company that boasts state-of-the-art printing and packaging techniques to meet the ever-growing needs of the market. Also, a highly skilled team is required to ensure customer satisfaction as well as the timely delivery of all the goods they provide.

From design to production, your packaging company should be there every step of the way to ensure that your perfect product gets the perfect packaging. Furthermore, the professionals should think outside the box to keep your product safe inside the box.

If you’re still questioning why you should choose custom printed boxes for your product, we’ve got the answers.

First Impressions

This won’t be the first time you hear this but, as they say, your first impression is your last impression; and that is exactly why your product needs a box that stands out and simply shouts individuality. You wouldn’t show up to a party in your pyjamas, would you? Then why should your product show up in drab packaging? A custom box is a great way to make sure that your product makes a good, lasting impression. According to Forbes, 60–80% of consumers do not go back to the same business even if they were satisfied with the product because there was no “wow” factor.


Are you worried about your product packaging, leaving a lasting carbon footprint? Keep reading.

Your packaging products should be made out of mostly recyclable or biodegradable components so that you don’t have to stress out about being the cause of wastage. If your brand aligns with being eco-friendly, you can consider going for Kraft boxes with a “natural” cardboard texture. Many larger brands use the natural texture of cardboard with their natural, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly image.

9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market
9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market

Added Value

When spending money, most people look to get the most out of their purchase. A custom box gives your product that extra “oomph” and makes it more appealing to the customer. While they say that it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover, most consumer products see a rise in their sales just by upgrading the packaging the product comes in. 61% of customers say they are much more likely to repeat purchase of a luxury product if it came in premium packaging, and this is exactly why you see major businesses putting a lot of thought into the presentation of their product. Premium, beautiful packaging is an easy and impactful way of telling your customers that they made the right purchase, and to get them to repurchase in the future.

Building Brand Loyalty

Building a relationship with your customers goes a long way. Customers are known to repurchase from brands that they feel connected to. The easiest way to do that is to print your brand’s mission on the product packaging. Letting your customers know what your brand represents, the causes it supports, and its mission plays a huge role in making emotional connections and ensuring returning customers.

Show Off Your Products

You’ve put endless hours in making sure that you develop a product that meets its required standards, why let something like packaging hinder your efforts? With a range of boxes available in the market, you can choose to show off your product in the best way possible. For the in-store advertisement, you can choose from a diverse range of display boxes. Even the smallest box with your brand’s logo and colour palette on it can tie into your entire in-store setup.

9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market
9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market

Form & Function

Frequently it becomes very difficult to take both form and function and put them into one product. With custom packaging, the stage that your product is presented can also be turned into a space that makes it safe for your product to be transported. The perfect fit, cushioned protection and the right dimensions can do wonders when merged with your brand’s logo and colours. Don’t just deliver your product safely, deliver it with panache. Creative packaging takes on both of these concerns!

Build An Impact On Social Media

Youtube is flooded with videos of reviewers unboxing new products. The videos themselves are called “Unboxing Videos” as they take you through the entire experience of coming face to face with a new product, and the first thing they talk about is the box itself that the product comes in. Around 4. 55% of those who watch unboxing videos claim the video convinced them to purchase the product. Think of it as you not only selling the product itself but selling the entire experience that comes with the product from the minute your customer sets their eyes on the box, to the point where they get to the product. An estimated 40% of consumers would share an image of your packaging on social media if it were unique or branded.

9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market
9 Reasons To Choose Custom Printed Boxes In The UK Market


Not only will your product gather more attention, but good packaging can also double as a marketing tactic. The packaging is the first look that your customer gets at what you’re selling, and that truly is a make or break factor. If you can tell your customer what your brand represents in that first look that they take at the product, you’re well on your way to a successful sale! The easiest way of delivering your message to the customer is to copy it onto the box that your product comes in.

Solidify Your Branding

Are you selling more than one product under the same brand? What better way to tell your customers than to slap your logo all over the packaging? Customers are more inclined to buy multiple products from the same brand if their experience with the said brand has them satisfied. The simple act of putting your logo and colour scheme on the packaging gives your customer the sense that this product belongs to a company that they can rely on for delivering quality products. A good example would be Coca Cola. While the company sells a large number of products, each one of them has a clear indication as to which brand these products are manufactured by, which, in turn, drives the Coca Cola fan base to purchase their other products as well.

To wrap it up, custom packaging is more than just a box that product comes in. It gives your product a personality and makes it stand out among many other products of the same niche. With fierce competition in the business industry, one foolproof way of making your customers blown away is to “wow” them at first glance, and delivering your product in a box that just does that, will serve its purpose. From quality assurance to the safety of your product, custom packaging has got you covered!

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