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The American magazine Newsweek has established its ranking of the 100 best hospitals worldwide. He also made a ranking of the best French hospitals. A classification that is made according to three elements for the magazine, before then assigning a percentage score: recommendations from health professionals, including doctors or hospital directors, the results of surveys made with patients and the main medical performance indicators. The best hospital in France according to the magazine scores over 90%.

The best hospital in France
Unsurprisingly, the best hospital in France is the hospital well known to stars and politicians (as well as the media covering the event) is that of Pitié Salpêtrière in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. With a capacity of 1,717 beds – which makes it the second hospital in the ranking with the most beds, behind that of Valenciennes – it obtains a score of 92.2%. The Parisian hospital which also ranks 12th in the world ranking.

On the podium of the best French hospitals, we then find the Pellegrin hospital group. Located in Bordeaux, it ranks second with a score of 86.3%, marking a significant difference with the first. The Claude-Huriez hospital in Lille came third with a score of 86%.

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The Top 10 French hospitals
Following this classification, we find the Lyon Sud hospital with a score of 85.5%, followed by two Parisian hospitals. The Saint-Joseph hospital comes 5th while the European Georges Pompidou Hospital is 6th. In 7th place, we find the Purpan hospital in Toulouse (84.4%) while the Hautepierre hospital in Strasbourg is 8th (84%). The Atlantic Health polyclinic of Saint-Herblain and the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Nantes complete this top 10.

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What are the best hospitals in Île-de-France?
The city of Paris alone has 10 hospitals ranked in the Top 100, including 3 among the top 6. We then find the Cochin hospital in 23rd position, Saint-Antoine in 34th, Saint-Louis in 37th, La Riboisière in 50th, the Institut mutualiste Montsouris in 60th, the Croix Saint-Simon hospital in 80th, and finally Bichat in 81st position. Hospital in Islamabad

On the other hand, the Parisian suburbs look gloomy. The best hospital in the suburbs is Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil, in Val-de-Marne. It ranks 21st, with a score of 82.2%. There are a total of 7 hospitals in the Paris suburbs in this Top 100. The Bicêtre hospital is 41st, the American hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine is 51st, the Antoine Béclère de Clamart hospital ranks 58th. In 70 and 71st positions, we find the Foch hospital in Suresnes and the Inter-communal Hospital Center of Créteil. Finally, the Private Antony Hospital ranks 92nd with a score of 73.8%. Note that all of these suburban hospitals are found only in Hauts-de-Seine or Val-de-Marne.

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And in the world?
The first 3 places of the best hospitals in the world are traced by American centers with the Mayo Clinic of Rochester in pole position. In the Top 10, there are also hospitals located in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Israel and Sweden. La Pitié Salpétrière is therefore 12th behind a Danish hospital. The ranking of the best hospitals in the world was carried out in partnership with the Statistita institute.

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