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How To Gain Clinical Experience Before Applying To Medical School

Getting clinical experience before you apply for a medical school is like taking a test drive. Working in hospitals is going to be physically and emotionally draining. Medical schools are also rigorous and time-consuming. Admission committees use your clinical experience to determine if you will be a good student and a good physician in the future or not. You can determine if you have what it takes to be a physician. This also reflects your competitiveness. This experience can be the perfect anecdote for your personal statement.

How To Gain Clinical Experience Before Applying To Medical School
How To Gain Clinical Experience Before Applying To Medical School

Knowledge, skills and experience you gain will be valuable in your medical school application, medical school and later in clinical practice. In case you don’t know how to gain that experience, you can take advantage of medical school admission consulting services. The following are the five ways you can gain clinical experience.

Health Clinic Or Hospital

When you are volunteering, your duties will not be the same as the duties of a medical student or a physician. However, you will get opportunities to:

● Provide customer services

● Answer phone calls

● File paperwork

● Help make patients comfortable

● Interact with doctors

● Observe doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals

● Experience the real-world environment

You will do it on a regular basis.

It is not difficult to find volunteering opportunities at hospitals and clinics. You can approach a medical school admission consulting services provider for help. Visit the website of local hospitals and health clinics where you want to volunteer. Volunteer program details are available on their websites. If you cannot find any details about such programs, get contact details and make a call.

Internship Or Research Program

Look for medical colleges, and universities offering research and internship positions for students. Duties and experiences in such opportunities vary. Research and internship programs include:

● Hands-on practice of skills

● Job shadowing

● Research alongside medical professionals and scientists

You have to apply for these highly competitive internship or research programs. You can do online research to find such opportunities. List all the programs aligned with your interests and career. Here is what you need to consider while searching for such programs:

● Cost

● Travel

● Living arrangements

Is this program in a different state or your home state? Will you get any housing help? Will you have to find a place to stay? Also, see the deadline of the program and apply on time. This experience will be extremely valuable and impressive in your medical school personal statement.

Summer Medical Program

Summer medical programs are less competitive. These programs are essentially for students interested in medicine. These workshops include:

● Meeting with medical students and/or professors

● Learning medical examination and surgical techniques

● Participation in research investigations and simulation labs

Keep in mind that summer medical programs are not as impressive as competitive internship or research programs. However, you can get valuable experience. You get exposure as you get to meet students with similar interests and goals.

Shadow A Doctor

If you want to observe doctors and other healthcare professionals in actual clinical settings for several days then you should look for shadowing opportunities. You can perform some basic duties of a physician, discuss your career with them and see their responsibilities and day to day experiences. Get advice from a medical school admission consulting services provider to shadow a doctor. You may get contact details of doctors and clinics offering shadowing opportunities. You can also email or make a call to a physician or hospital. If you get a positive response, prepare a list of questions you will ask, such as:

● Why did you choose medicine as a career?

● What are your likes and dislikes about this profession?

● What are the qualities of a successful doctor?

● What is your advice to a student who wants to be a successful physician?

● How can I prepare for a medical school?

Volunteer At A Homeless Shelter Or A Nursing Home

In your medical school application, you need to show that you are compassionate and empathetic. The admission committee also wants to see your communication skills. They want to know that you can work with people from all walks of life. Your volunteering experience can be very valuable. Even if your volunteering experience is not aligned to the field, you can develop and practice the qualities of a successful doctor.

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