Top Iphone Apps To Increase Business Productivity


Top Iphone Apps To Increase Business Productivity
Top Iphone Apps To Increase Business Productivity

Managing a business requires so
many people, skills, plan, and effective tools. A tool that you always have in
your pocket or hand is a smartphone.

Have you ever thought of managing
your entire business from your smartphone? Yes! You can do that by leveraging a
few small apps in your little powerful device. Some mobile apps are developed
just to make your business more accessible directly from your phone.

Hunting the most compatible apps
for your business doesn’t have to be a vigorous treasure hunt. Decide what
tasks you want to accomplish, go to the app store & see which apps can help
you in your listed tasks, download them, and start working.

Many organizations opt for time
management, reminders, collaboration, data storage, and scheduling tools.

We have rounded up a few apps,
which you can install in your iPhone and avert hiccups in productivity.


Drafts is developed by Agile
Tortoise to make your note-making process easy. This app is so popular and
useful that it was selected as TIME Magazine’s Best Apps of 2018.

The app comes with features, such
as auto-correct, margins, customizable editor, fonts, line height, themes and

Drafts is compatible with Google
Drive, Dropbox, Shortcuts, iCloud Drive, Evernote, TaskPaper, and many other
services. You can even dictate your notes to Drafts to let it type instead.
This way you can quickly take down your notes and take appropriate actions on


Asana is a smooth and fast
productivity tool that helps in capturing and monitoring work on the go. Teams
can use this app to focus on targets, projects, and deadlines. It helps in
managing your projects by assimilating goal-setting with a deadline schedule.

It simply takes to create a
project, define the goals of that project, and you are all set to manage every
step of the process. Asana is packed with some tools to visualize your position
in the project so that you know how much it is going to take to accomplish the
goal before the deadline.

Asana can be easily integrated
with other business apps, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, G Suite, and more.
Business owners can leverage this app to optimize their method of task
management and goal monitoring.

Although, Asana is available at
no cost on the app store, if you are looking for accessing more features, then
invest a little in the app and give it a try.


It is exhausting when every time
you have to switch to your laptop from phone for reading, editing, converting,
or signing PDF files.

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But PDFelement is developed to
not take this much effort out of you. Just download the app on your iPhone and
edit PDF files in creative and professional ways.

You can highlight, strikethrough,
and underline the text in a PDF file directly from your phone just by
installing PDFelement. Just like a PDF editor for laptops, it also has sticky
notes to annotate and a freehand drawing tool in it for making your work

You can add colours, change font
size, add photos in PDF and share the PDF file with anyone directly from the
app. PDFelement is free and available on the app store.


With the growing business, your
team structure also starts getting changed. You start working in different team
dynamics and at that stage Quip is the app that is much needed. You can create
documents, notes, and import & export spreadsheets from the app.

When you are working on a group
project, create a group chat to keep your entire team in one accord. You can
import contacts by integrating it with Hotmail, Gmail, iCloud, MS Outlook, and

All the chats, tasks lists,
spreadsheets, and documents related to your business are available at one place
to build an efficient collaboration.

SAP Concur

One of the menial but major work
for business people is collecting and keeping receipts. SAP Concur for iOS
devices has unloaded that task by automating your expense management. The app
can be very handy in quickly issuing reimbursements to your employees.

All your expenses can be recorded
here and spending policies can be put into effect to contract your expenses. It
is developed with a snap-and-file receipt system to automatically record
expenses into the app.

You just need to click a picture
of the receipt and the system automatically captures & uploads it into SAP


There can be a scenario when you
are not in the office or town and a very important document is waiting on your
table to get signed by you. Now with DocuSign, your important documents will
not have to stay unsigned for long.

DocuSign allows you to sign on
any document by following an email link, work on the signing process, and
confirm the signature. After confirmation, you and other people engaged in the
process get an alert notifying that the document has been signed by you.

So now, it doesn’t matter where
you are, you can sign any document from anywhere in a matter of minutes through

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You must have already heard about
Dropbox due to its popularity among mobile app consumers. This file-sharing
software has already been proved expedient for business owners.

Dropbox allows you to access all
your work documents from anywhere. You just need to sync important files from
all your devices and let Dropbox be in command.

It even allows you to assign
access to a group of members to access certain documents. The app is a safe and
private place for all your work documents that can be trusted without a second


IFTTT is one of the most popular
apps used by businesses. The app integrates all your apps and programs to keep
all your devices in sync to create a seamless experience.

The task is accomplished by the
applets, which are connected to several apps to automatically accomplish the

It allows making variations in
existing applets or creating your personalized applet using its simple and
user-friendly interface. What can be better than a free app automating all your
tasks in just a few taps?


Time is the thing that we want
most in our lives, but on the flip side, some people are unable to make the
best use of time. That’s why Todoist is here to manage your time through your

Lodge the task that you want to
do and turn it off whenever you are done. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and put
in details to keep everyone on the same page.

The app also provides
visualization of progress being made on various projects so that tasks can be
done before the deadline. You can download it for free from the app store and start
upgrading your time management skills.


The vogue of remote working can
certainly put you in a situation where you may need these apps. You can keep an
eye on time management, project management, team management without logging in
to your office or laptop.

Moreover, the best part is these
apps are free to download. You can learn how these apps can help you and then
buy a yearly subscription to multiply your productivity.

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