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Vegetarian Myth Busters!

Vegetarian diets have always been a healthier and more beneficial option than those diets that include meat or any other animal product. Meat and fish are alright but not necessary for a human being to live. Vegetarian diet primarily includes all sorts of plant based food, as in leaves, roots, barks and the list goes on. However there are several different kinds of vegetarian diet patterns that can be followed: 
  • The Lacto-ovo diet pattern - This is the most common vegetarian diet pattern that includes eggs and dairy products. 
  • The Lacto diet pattern - In this diet, dairy products can be consumed but not eggs.
  • The Ovo pattern - In this diet pattern, eggs are allowed but no dairy products.  
The above three vegetarian diet patterns are the ones that are mostly followed by people. Apart from these three, there are
·         Veganism - Probably the strictest form of vegetarian diet that only focuses on plant derived foods excluding all sorts of meat, fish and even honey.
·         Semi-Vegetarianism - Also known as Flexitarianism (flexible + Vegetarianism), is a kind of diet that primarily focuses on plant based food with occasional inclusion of fish and meat. 
·         Pescetarianism - A vegetarian diet that depends on seafood as the only source of meat and otherwise focuses on vegetables, fruits etc.


Following a vegetarian diet does not necessarily mean that you have to constantly compromise with taste. There are countless dishes that you can enjoy without any regret. I remember, I was staying in Noida for work and craving some yummy dinner, but couldn't have any home cooked food because my family was in Kolkata. So I looked up the best restaurants in Noida and got plenty of options. I chose to go to a vegetarian place because I come from a pure vegetarian family. My boyfriend and I went to this roadside dhaba and had some delicious paneer tikka (cubed cottage cheese cooked in a tandoor with vegetables), paratha (Indian flatbread), and chana batura (chickpeas cooked in a red sort of onion and ginger-garlic sauce). We were overwhelmed by taste, flavour and love. Our stomachs and hearts were literally dancing. If you live in Noida or just visiting, you should definitely check out sectors 18 and 32 as they are literally food paradises on earth. From fine diners, expensive eateries to shabby shacks and roadside dhabs, these two places tell their stories through food. Apart from these two places, the city is filled with numerous restaurants and joints where you can get hearty meals. 


Every diet pattern has its own pros and cons and the vegetarian diets are no different. Eating vegetables is definitely healthy but there are things that one has to keep in mind:
  1. Limited eating. Don't go crazy, keep measuring. 
  2. Calorie intake. Keep tracking how many calories are getting inside your body and what they are capable of doing. 
  3. Drink a lot of water as it not just aids in hydration, but is considered to be one of the greatest detoxifying agents. 
  4. Exercise on a regular basis as this practice is beneficial for everyone. Yoga is another great option.  
  5. Learn about nutrients and eat accordingly. 
  6. Follow websites for recipes and health benefits. Consult a dietitian or nutritionist if required. 
  7. Mix and match while cooking.
  8. Never stop your research. 

So, keep eating good food and stay healthy!

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