10 Wedding Planning Tips


10 Wedding Planning Tips
10 Wedding Planning Tips

According to WeddingWire’s 2020 Newlywed
, more than 85 percent of couples start talking about their wedding
preferences before getting engaged, yet most say one of the biggest challenges
when it’s time to plan is knowing where to start.

These wedding planning tips can
make that challenge a whole lot easier.

Set Your Budget

Your budget is going to be what
drives many of the decisions during the wedding planning process so it should
be one of the first steps on your to-do list. Sit down with your spouse to be
and get ready to tackle those numbers. If anyone in the family will be
contributing, you’ll need to have a chat with them to find out what they’re
comfortable spending. If you have to pay for everything yourself, be sure to
take a close look at your finances over the full scope of costs that may be
involved. Be surprised for a reality check as there are many expenses you
probably haven’t considered.


Something else you should think
about together is which aspects of the wedding are the most important to you.
You’ll need to make a list of your priorities. For example, is the specific
wedding date or venue more important? Would you prefer to spend more on the
honeymoon and less on the wedding? Or is a royal-style ceremony with a gospel choir
singing “Stand by Me” like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had your
own dream? Hiring one or more gospel
singers for weddings
can be done at a more affordable cost than theirs, but
you’ll want to put that among the top items on your priority list.

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The Venue

When selecting a wedding venue,
the first thing to consider is the number of guests you’ll be inviting, so you
may want to figure out your guest list first. Knowing how many you expect to
invite before looking at venues will help save you from major headaches and
potential heartaches later. If many will be coming from out-of-town or you’re
planning a destination wedding, look for something that’s connected to or near
a hotel.

Don’t Forget About Mother Nature

For an outdoor wedding, one of
the most important factors is the weather. In some places, a summer wedding can
result in misery and even heat stroke not to mention mosquitoes, gnats, and
other bugs. Unless the venue is in an area with a very dry climate, you’ll need
to think about the potential for rain and consider alternatives should
inclement weather hit.

Choose The Venue Before The Dress

The venue you select will help
you determine the type of wedding dress you should get. Obviously, a short and
sexy dress isn’t the best option for a religious venue like a big cathedral,
and a billowy ball gown isn’t going to work for a beach wedding.

Don’t Go Dress Shopping Without The Fashion

When shopping for a dress bring
someone who will be totally honest with you when you’re trying them on. This is
a time when you need to know which one looks best, and having a close friend,
sibling, your mom, or someone else there can also help when it comes to
recalling which style of dresses you really preferred.

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Carefully Read All Contracts Before

Be sure that you read every
detail of each contract you sign with all vendors. That includes the location,
date and times, deposits, extra fees, and quantities. Everything must be
included in the contract because if it isn’t written correctly or something is
excluded, you won’t be protected if things don’t go the way they’re supposed

Do It One Step At A Time

To prevent getting overwhelmed or
having everything snowball around you, put together a plan that allows you to
do one step at a time, and in a logical order. For example, don’t start hiring
vendors before your wedding date is confirmed, or book the entertainment before
you’ve decided on a space.

Be An Early Bird

Procrastination is your worst
enemy when it comes to wedding planning. Make decisions early in the process to
ensure you’ll get the best vendors, attire, venue, and so on, that meets your
budget without having to compromise.

Save On Flowers

As flowers are expensive, unless
you have a big budget, have them placed along the aisle and skip the bar or
other areas as no one is really going to notice.


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