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7 Cool New Guitar Skills To Learn In Lockdown

7 Cool New Guitar Skills To Learn In Lockdown
7 Cool New Guitar Skills To Learn In Lockdown
The lockdown provides an opportunity for you to learn things. If you are feeling bored just staying inside your home, you can consider some music lessons. This is one way on how you can make your day productive and worthwhile. Guitar is one of the most accessible and easy to learn musical instruments. If you have always wanted to learn some techniques in playing it, you are reading the right material. Here are some cool new guitar skills you can learn while its lockdown:

Two-Hand Tapping

This is not a new technique but it is still one of the most interesting. With two-hand tapping, you use both your left and right hand. You need to have strong fretting hands so be able to perform pull-offs and hammer-on. To be able to access higher notes, you can make use one of your fingers from the picking hands. To learn more on how you can do this effectively, you can watch videos of Eddie Van Halen. This artist is one of those few people who are associated with this style.

Guitar Phrasing Techniques

When you think of guitar phrasing, you should be focusing on how notes and licks are presented by guitar players in their music. There are different techniques in guitar phrasing that you can consider. Firstly, you can create motifs or repeat stuff. You can also sing while you are playing. Aside from that, you can use words and tell a story. You can leave more space. One of the most used techniques in solos is rhythmic displacement and superimposition.

Power Chord Guitar Riffs

When you talk about power chords, you will certainly associate this with rock music. This is also called the full barre chord. For you to be able to understand better, power chords are 2 or 3 note chord that is played on the bass strings.

Advanced Guitar Chords

If you want to become an advanced guitarist, you should know the advanced guitar scales. These will certainly make you sound amazing as it enhances the musicality and the rhythm. Here are some advances guitar chords you should learn to play:

• Major 7 Chords

You can usually hear this versatile chord being used in jazz, soul, funk and pop music. To build a major 7 chord, you can just consider adding a major 7 interval to an already existing major chord.

• Minor 7 Chords

For this chord, it is usually being used in soul and funk music. For this one, you can easily play it by putting your first finger on the B string (1st fret) and your 2nd finger on the D string (2nd fret). This also requires you to use a barre across the 6 strings.

• Dominant 7 Chords

This chord is being played in 12 bar blues. This chord contains a major triad and a minor 7th that is placed on the root of the triad. This chord is built on the dominant that is contained in a diatonic scale.

• Major 9 Chords

This chord is known as a version of major 7 chords but a more advanced one. There are 5 notes that are contained in a Major 9. This includes a root, a major third, a perfect fifth, a major seventh and a ninth.

• Minor 9 Chords

The Minor 9 Chord stands out because of its rich and deep sound. Just like the other chord, the Major 9 has its root, a minor third, a perfect fifth, a minor seventh and a major ninth.

• Dominant 9 Chords

This is another chord that is usually being played in funk music. Logically, this is the continuation of the dominant 7th. This is a combination of a dominant chord, which comes with a minor seventh, and a major ninth.

Using Pedals To Shape Your Tone

Every advanced guitarist plays with pedals. This is to be able to achieve more advanced guitar effects. The most common is the distortion pedal. This is pretty popular for both professional guitarists and aspiring guitarists. There are different things that you need to consider when you are purchasing pedals for your guitar.

First of all, there are pedals that produce the same sound. With this, you have to consider buying only one of those. If you already have an overdrive pedal, you do not need a distortion pedal. Aside from that, the size also matters. Since most pedals and rectangular in shape and are heavy, you should consider getting one with compact size. This is most especially if you are collecting a lot.

Aside from the overdrive and distortion pedal, you can consider a delay pedal. There are also others such ash fuzz pedal, reverb pedal, chorus pedal, phaser pedal and others. But before you even consider purchasing one, you have to reflect on the type of music that you want to play. Ask yourself if the pedal will be able to enhance your playing. Not all of these are needed especially if you are focusing on a certain genre. Learning about the type of music that you love is always the first step towards improving.

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