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Don't Ditch The Celebrations But Do Keep Safety In Mind

Don't Ditch The Celebrations But Do Keep Safety In Mind
Don't Ditch The Celebrations But Do Keep Safety In Mind
The unlock phase is initiated, and life is running back on the tracks now. Businesses are back in operation, and there are people on roads again. After a substantial effect on both the social and economical viewpoint oAf the world, lockdown is lifted.

It seems like people are having fun again, but the virus is only spreading more and more by every day passing. And it's that time when we all should take precautions and safety measures to avoid catching Covid-19. Not everyone can stay indoor for long as stepping out is important to earn a livelihood and to have some social time. People have missed a lot of things like meeting friends, playing outdoors, partying, and attending events in the lockdown.

No one ever knew something like this would happen, but things have changed now. As the lockdown is lifted, you can also unravel your celebration mood. All that needs to be done is keeping safety a priority. There should be no more ditching the celebrations in fear of Corona as long as you keep yourself intact by using face masks, washing hands from time to time, using sanitizer as and when needed, maintaining social distance, and wearing gloves. But many people think that there is no point in celebrations if you can't get close to your loved ones. The thinking is somewhat correct, but we need to understand that it is our NEW NORMAL (unless or until COVID-19 gets erased completely). The real fun of a party/celebrations is meeting those people we love and creating some lasting memories. There isn't really a need to hug each other and shake hands. And face masks may hide the smile but not the happiness. It means that you can arrange a small party to celebrate your special occasions and moments while following the safety guidelines.

Those who need to visit their friends or relatives for their special celebrations should think twice before doing so as it can be risky for both parties. As researchers had said, the virus has become asymptomatic, you don't know whether you are infected or not, and the same goes for the person or family you are planning to visit. If meeting in person is important or you don't want to miss the function, then it is advisable to get yourself tested for COVID-19, and the persons you will meet should also go through the test.

There are alternatives for many things and so your gesture of showing love and celebrating with your beloveds in this COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time when you should put the internet to the best use. To send your love to your family and friends and relatives on their special occasions, you can opt for the online delivery service to send cakes to Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. There are many other things that you can do to celebrate together while avoiding the risk of Coronavirus like having a conference video call, sending wishes through e-greeting cards, and sending them gifts online as per the occasion.

The whole point here is that you shouldn't ditch celebrations anymore as we don't know when the pandemic will end. And we can't even compromise on our safety. So, both celebration and safety from COVID-19 are important and need your attention. If we all do our bits to stop the spread, then there will be a COVID-19 free world sooner, and there will be no compromising on the way you want to celebrate.

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