What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring


Being a tutor is no easy job. It requires lots of patience and emotional
intelligence to be able to assess each student’s capabilities, strengths and
weaknesses. Often there are many misconceptions surrounding science
and science tutors.
Science is a broad subject and we need to understand that there are physics tutors, chemistry tutors, and biology tutors under that umbrella of
“science tutors”.

What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring
What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring

Each subject tutor has different
techniques of teaching and each of them have their own challenges. The 3 main
pillars of science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) are special in their own
ways and they have different learning objectives and methods of learning so
different approaches are required to train students.

It is important to understand the
differences because this understanding will enable the tutor-student
relationship to be strong. A strong tutor-student relationship will pave the
way for effective and efficient learning during chemistry, biology and physics

So, let’s explore the facts
behind being a science tutor and debunk some misconceptions that people
generally have towards science tutors!

Customised Approach

Every tutor (be it a physics tutor, chemistry or biology tutor), has their own unique
way of teaching their students and moulding them. Tutors acknowledge and
understand the fact that every student is different and that applying one
teaching method on every student will not work for most cases as it ends up
being a situation of trying to fit a square plug in a round socket.

What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring

Designing a customised approach
for every student is no mean feat as it requires tutors to observe their
students closely. Instead of spoon-feeding students with answers and throwing
question papers at them, tutors need to inspire and encourage students to
actively think about concepts.

Problems need to be tackled on
their own terrain and there are no short-cuts to solving them. In order to
enable students to shine and thrive, tutors
need to train their students to get better at their weaknesses and to continue
maintaining their strengths. All of this does not happen in a day; it takes
lots of time!

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The Cost

Oftentimes the biggest concern
for parents is the tuition fees. In
every household, parents are worried about the fees piling up for tuition, though it is essential for
their children to perform well in examinations. It is true that not all parents
have deep pockets to pay for tuition fees without worry; however, the idea that
all tuition charges a high cost is a

What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring

There are many tuition agencies that charge at a
reasonable rate, while still providing the best possible tuition service for
students. The main reason why such a concern arises is because parents are not
so well-informed about the options available. This is why it is essential for
parents to search up about the different tuition agencies available and make
the right decision, instead of just following advice from others that was just
being spread through a word of mouth.

It’s Not Easy

Some people have an understanding
that being a science tutor is easy. It is no doubt that this job has challenges
much different from being an English tutor or Math tutor; but it is not any
easier. Being a science tuition teacher
has its own challenges. It is undeniable that it’s one of the most fascinating
subjects to teach and lessons can be extremely engaging given the nature of the
subject, however, this garden of roses comes with its own prickly thorns.

What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring

Scoring well in science subjects
is not an easy task. Examiners have high expectations and they design answer
keys to a level of perfection that includes all essential key words and
high-yield information; which means this is exactly what an A-grade student has
to produce on the paper.

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Science tutors hence have to train their students to sieve out the
important terms and information while learning topics, and be able to perform
conceptual linking in their mind in order to tackle questions in examinations.


This may be a term used
frequently by tutors but many do not understand what it exactly means. Every
topic in science has its connection with one and another; nothing is
independent of each other. The mistake often made by school teachers is that
they fail to show students the correlation. The aim of their job gets narrowed
down to just finishing the syllabus.

What Are The Hidden Facts Of Science Tutoring

The reason why teaching is
regarded as a noble profession is because a true teacher inspires his or her
students; and inspiring a person is no easy task. This requires tutors to be
extremely knowledgeable, to be humble, to be always willing to keep learning
and most importantly, a great teacher needs to be compassionate enough to have
a big heart blossoms in pride and joy of seeing his students being better than

Bottom Line

Science as a subject is so vast
that even the greatest of scientists till this day and age are unable to wrap
their mind around its magnificence. We can answer the “how”s of science and
never the “why”s. This is precisely the reason why the subject fascinates many and
it’s also the prime reason why it’s challenging to learn. Young children are
often confused while still being amazed at such concepts when being taught and
a tutor needs to continue fuelling their curiosity.

Students will blossom one day
into great young adults if science becomes their passion and profession, they
will use their knowledge to contribute to the wellness of mankind through the
development of science in various ways. While science tutoring may seem like a
“light-hearted” and “easy-going” job, the reality is a stark contrast as it
takes immense effort and dedication to bring out the best in students!


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