Are You Considering These While Choosing Your Career?


Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
Are You Considering These While Choosing Your Career?
How does one decide whether to
pursue a Certified
Ethical Hacker Certification
in cybersecurity or a degree in sales and
marketing? Surely, interest and skills are two of the most significant factors
that shape one’s career choice. But these two factors alone are not enough to
make a sound decision. Of course, everyone knows that money plays a vital and
irreplaceable role as well, but to what extent? And what about factors that go
unnoticed, like stress levels, burnouts, and motivation? Below is a summary of
how these factors, big or small, can have a tremendous impact on your career
and why they should be considered carefully before making a career choice.


Money affects career choices from
an early age. Youngsters are conditioned to pursue certain careers by their
parents and peers, based on how much money they would make through it and soon
enough these career options sink their feet firmly into their minds. Needless
to say that while making a career choice, payscale must be taken into
consideration along with other factors. Although your dependency on payscale
should not be overwhelming. Money can only provide a limited amount of happiness.
What’s important is that your job should make you enough money to afford the
lifestyle of your choice so that you never get sucked into debt. Anything above
than that should be considered a mere bonus and should not, ideally, affect
your decision. Most entry-level jobs offer a salary that isn’t great at the
start but rises considerably with experience. But don’t be fooled by the
lucrative numbers and success stories, you will only make it past the
entry-level if you like the work in the first place, which is why you should
consider the other factors mentioned below.

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Passion For Work

Different jobs require different
degrees of passion. For example, crane operators are less passionate about
their work than teachers are. Passion is not always overrated. In fact, it is
an important factor in deciding success. It’s good to fake it till you make it,
but that doesn’t work always. Most of the jobs get hard, uncomfortable and
challenging at a point to an extent that only those who are either super tough
or highly motivated make it through the seemingly black void that others easily
surrender to. In such (almost) inevitable hard moments, it is your burning
sense of passion that will pull you through when all amount of logic and
willpower will fail. Make sure you are passionate about the work you are
choosing or you will end up either stuck or on the verge of quitting when the
tough times arrive at your doorstep.

Burnout Or Exhaustion

Before zeroing down on a
particular career, many people make the mistake of not evaluating the level of
exhaustion. Your capacity to handle the job’s level of exhaustion or burnout
can make or break your career. Some jobs are physically taxing, while others
are mentally draining. If you are someone who cannot be on their feet for more
than 4-5 hours a day, you will be better off with a desk job. Modern jobs,
especially anything that requires working on a computer, are mostly desk jobs.
However, they present a different form of exhaustion in employees. For example,
searching lines of code for an error or sifting through heaps of documents for
evidence, will require your laser-sharp focus and mental energy.

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Working Under Pressure

Not everybody is designed to
handle pressure well, Some people break under pressure, while others come out
shining like diamonds. While every worker faces some amount of pressure at some
point in their jobs, some workers have to face it more often than others. For
example, a news reporter goes through a more stressful day at work than a
hairstylist does. Some job roles have pressure built-in inside them like
telephone operators and stock market brokers, while others are naturally less
stressful, like massage therapist and photographer. What you need to decide is
whether you can handle stress well or not. It is always better to talk to
seasoned professionals in the field about the hidden pressures and stress in
the job before making a career decision.

Now, whether you decide to pursue
or a screenwriting course, you will know what factors to keep in
mind in order to make a victorious decision.


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